How Does Srt File Work?

how to use a .srt file?

any software which can help in opening this subtitle file.

.srt files can be opened with a notepad.
rename the .srt file to the movie name, put it in the same folder and watch it with media player classic.
If u have vlc player, then you have an option to add the srt file for subtitles.

What is the best way to view a movie in AVI format with an SRT file for subtitles?

I have a movie I want to watch. It came with an SRT file for the subtitles. None of the players on my computer seem to know how to handle this combo. Any suggestions? Especially free ones.

VLC player is the best media player out there. It'd play any files you throw at it. It handles .srt file too. Make sure the .srt file and the movie are in the same folder, the names have to match too.
For example: the movie file is Wanted then the subtitle file has to be named

Here's the link. It's free and open-source. You gotta love it


How to create subtitles?

What tool is used to create srt files for movies?

Only Notepad is required.
Create a new notepad file and save it with '.srt' extension.
It's very easy. Open any existing srt subtitle file using notepad and see for syntax.
The only condition is to rename the srt file same as the movie filename.

How to load .srt subtitles in Corel WinDVD 9?

The HD DVD that I want to watch doesn't have subtitles in my language so I want to load subtitles from file (.srt). How do I do that? Thank you. Yes, but I don't have the movie in a single file? It's the original HD DVD, it has lots of files...

the .srt file should be in the same folder with the movie file and it should have the same name also.

example: movie name: up.avi
subtitle name should be:

How to change back the application for srt file?

I have foolishly amend the application for a subtitle under the .srt file. What happen was, I right click on the .srt file and go to the Open With. After which, I go and change the default program to Windows Media. So, now, I do not know which original application that I can change back in order for the media and the subtitle to link together. Could someone please advise me what to do ?

change it to notepad srt files are just text files.
to view subtitles on windows media player you need a small tool called Directvobsub 100% free :
and another thing the avi file and the srt file shold have the same name for example: helenoftroy.avi and
PS. FR:french
En :english
Ar :arabic

yes and they should be in the same directory

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