How Does Snapchat Score Work?

Question about snapchat stories?

So right when you take a picture using snapchat, there's an icon with a star and a rectangle. What's the different between this and when you send out a snapchat to the thing that says "My Story" on the Send To page? Also, in terms of the snapchat score, do you know if adding snapchat stories adds points to your total score? Thank you! please don't refer me some where else like the useless answer below. I just want to know what others know about snapchat.

Snapchat, or the "sexting ap", is not a Yahoo product. If you want to know anything about snapchat, you need to start here:

How to get a higher Snapchat Score?

Ive had snapchat for a couple of weeks now and my score is 381 and all my friends have like 3,157 or even 9,623 How do i boost my score?

Your score increases as you send more snaps for every snap you send you get one point so the more you snapchat the higher your score willbe

How does snapchat work?

Okay so my boyfriend told me he deleted his snapchat but I keep seeing his score raising. Is he on it or what? I have no idea can you please let me know because I wanna know if he's lying to me and like how does it work?

Legend is one often gets naked and takes a selfie and sends it to another Snapchat user.

Why does my snapchat score go down?

After checking my scores on my page, some of the scores with my best friends decreases. Why does the score decrease? That's true.. it usually happens when I don't consistently snapchat with the person :O

The snapchat scoring system is one of the greatest mysteries of our age.

How do you clear/delete your snapchat score?

Is there a way to clear or delete or even hide your snapchat total score? Thanks!

There is no possible way to delete your snapchat score without deleting your account and signing up again:(

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