How Does Snapchat Determine Best Friends?

Snapchat app help please?

So my friend has a Snapchat and I'm the only one they Snapchat but I went to check to see if I'm still the only one in their best friends and it says "no best friends" but still shows the points... The numbers of snapchats you know? Does this mean they erased their Snapchat since no best friends are showing up?!? Please help!

I found that the three people you Snapchat the most become your best friends. But if you don't Snapchat one of your "best friends" for a while, it takes them off your best friends list and vice versa. Don't worry, if the profile is still there, your friend still has a Snapchat. You can have no "best friends" on Snapchat and still have an account.

did he block me from snapchat???

Okay so me and this guy have been snapchatting for a while and i went to who added me on snapchat and his name wasnt there...but hes still on my friends list...but when i look to see his best friends its just blank! Hes still my snapchat best friend though...helpppppp D:

he probably deleted his snapchat all together. do not worry he didnt block you

Best friends on snapchat?

If my bf has some other girl on his bestfriends list, but he isn't on her bestfriends list, does she snapchat him a lot or does he snapchat her a lot?

That means he snapchats her a lot. Though just because he's not on hers doesn't mean she doesn't snapchat back. She may just snapchat her "best friends" more than him and he may not snapchat a lot of people other than her. I'm guessing you want to know if your bf is cheating on you. While you two are alone take his phone and run into tw bathroom with it and lock the door. If he's yelling and tries to break down the door than his a** is cheating on you, if he's not he'll just sit there and be like WTF you doin

Snapchat screenshot not working?

I recently downloaded snapchat to talk to friends, but when i try and screenshot something it screenshots my message feed. It doesnt work for me but it works for my other friends. Please help

Your friends might know a trick to screenshot but snapchat is supposed to stop you screenshot ting and your friend can tell if you have screenshotted them!

why my snapchat let me view videos that my friends send me?

I have an lg optimus zip btw

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