How Does Rtd Work?

How often does the rtd come?

I live in denver and my high school is far away from home, so i have to take the RTD, but i was wondering how long does it take for each bus to get to a stop? i've heard anywhere from 15-30 minutes but i don't know.

depend which line you are on; some are local, some are express, some are limited
why not check the bus schedules since just said your school is faraway from
home but you dont say where for all we kniow it could be mars
but rtd doesnt service mars

Closest Hot Spring To Boulder Colorado?

I'm looking for the closest hot spring to Boulder Colorado. And if an RTD bus runs near it, that would be great.

I can't think of any closer than Idaho Springs and RTD doesn't go there. RTD only goes as far as Bergan Park.

ADD The Greyhound bus does stop at Idaho Springs, but it doesn't go to Boulder. You could take RTD to Denver and Greyhound to Idaho Springs or several hours further to Glenwood.

What should i do if i lost my wallet on rtd?

Help! I leftmy wallet on the rtd bus system and it has my id,my bus pass, and about 5$ in cash, what should i do?

call them -maybe someone found it and gave to the driver who turned it in

Where on the web can I find a RTD protein with 650 calories to order?

I need a ready to drink protein to drink for breakfast. I've been trying to do a 300 calorie RTD + other stuff and it'd just be nice to get breakfast down to one thing for the sake of time.

How to calculate ohm of certain RTD with its temperature coefficient given?

A copper RTD is used. Its resistance at 32F is 100 ohms, and its temperature coefficient is 0.245 ohm/F. What is the ohms at 200F? Please provide an equation instead of RTD table.

DeltaT = 200F - 32F = 168F

deltaOhm = tempco * deltaF = 0.245 Ohm/F * 168F = 41.16Ohm

The tempco is positive so, the change in resistance will also be positive. Simply add 41.16 to the 100 Ohms to get the final resistance: 141.16 Ohms


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