How Does Qcarbo Clear 20 Work?

how long before a drug urine test should i take qcarbo 20 clear to gurantee a passing result?

i havent smoked in 19 days...and also the test is morning after thanksgiving if i eat fatty foods the night before will it still work and result in a pass..the test is around 10 am what time should i take qcarbo clear 20? please help i want actual answers please...

don't do drugs in the first place man

does Qcarbo work for teen court drug testing?

im on teen court and get drug tested in 5 days. i smoked yesterday and almost everyday before that for about a month. will the cleansing drink " Qcarbo" help me pass the test? im 17, 6ft, 150lbs and pretty fit. i want straight answers please, i don't need lectures.

Nope, it shows up as a masking agent. this is actually considered worse than testing positive, as it shows you were trying to cheat the test.

best way to fix the clear coat peeling off my car?

Hi i just want to know what the best and cheapest way to fix the clear coat that is peeling off my car? I saw someone say something about first using Pre-wax cleaner and then a Paint sealer and then a Pure Carnuba Paste Wax and this will give a temporary good look for the hood for about a year... if this really does work, i wouldn't mind doing it at all once a year.... but i do want to get ppl's opinion of what to do.

If clear coat is peeling off of the car, then the area needs clear-coat reapplied. No amount of wax is going to bring the clear-coat back. Your best bet is to find a local paint shop/body work shop that will do the work for a decent price and pay them to do it. Once the clear-coat has failed, you will need to sand down the area and feather the surrounding areas, re-apply your base coat, then the clear coat, wet sand it with fine grit sand-paper and polish it up to a shine. This is a fairly involved process.

Will qcarbo32 plus help me pass a drug test if I haven't smoked in 24 hours?

I have a drug test tommorow (Tuesday) and the last time I smoked was Sunday night. Ive read your not supposed to smoke for 48 hours before taking the qcarbo. Does anyone think 24 hours will be enough time on top of the cleansing drink?

Never take a cleansing / detox drink, they show up as a masking agent which is an automatic fail.

time is the only thing that will get the thc out of the system.

Anyone switch from Centurylink to Clear in Las Vegas and are happy?

I am thinking about switching from Centurylink to clear wireless internet and wanted to know what others thought about their service. Does it work well? I currently use wireless in my home and we have a desktop a laptop and XBOX and it works fine with Centurylink but I want to cancel with them because they are trying to have me sign a contract to keep my rate lower and clear service is less expensive without a contract.

I have Clear. It is fine, the only time I have a problem is when it is really windy. Then sometimes it is slow. But other then that, I am happy with it.

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