How Does Pneumonia Affect The Respiratory System?

how does the flu affect your respiratory system?

how does the flu affect your respiratory system?

influenza is an upper respiratory infection that can cause pneumonia or bronchitis in person with a weakened immune system. it can exacerbate the symptoms of asthma.

Can you list diseases that affect the respiratory system?

I'm doing a project in my Biology class and I need to find out the different kinds of diseases that can harm a respiratory system. What would also be nice would be a list of diseases that only effect certain part of the respiraty system. If anyone knows of any, please inform me. I thank you all in advance!

Primary Pulmonary Hypertension
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Alvoelar proteinosis
Lung Cancer
Black Lung disease


My friend has recently found out she had pneumonia, I know I can't catch pneumonia from her, but she started coughing on me and I guess I breathed in the germs (before she knew she had pneumonia). I have looked through Yahoo Answers that I can't get it from her but can I catch anything from her?

It really depends on the type of pneumonia she has. Some germs are contagious...some are not.
Pneumonia can be viral, bacterial, fungal...etc.
You can catch the virus, bacteria, etc from her but you most likely wont get pneumonia from it. These germs can affect everyone differently.

Im sure you will be just fine. If you are still concerned, you can drink some orange juice, take some Vitamin C supplements to boost your immune system.

How is viral pneumonia spread and or transmitted?

Viral pneumonia is commonly spread via the secretions from the infected person's respiratory tract. Ya, all that gooey stuff.
These secretions can be coughed out as aerosols or droplets. This is the usual route for influenza, adenovirus etc.
Another way is when the secretions are spread through direct contact, like from hands used to wipe an irritating nose. Yes, most viral pneumonia cases are associated with an upper respiratory tract infection by the same virus. Actually you get the upper respiratory tract infection first, then it spreads downwards as pneumonia if your immunity is low.

Pneumonia twice?????

I had pneumonia last summer and it weakened my respiratory system. I've heard that my chances of getting it again are pretty good even though for the most part, I'm a healthy teen. What do you guys think? well, in the time since last summer when i've gone to the dr. for a couple bad colds, she always wanted to make sure i didn't have it again. also, she told me to use my inhaler I had for pneumonia whenever my allergies acted up.

I am older than you but about 18 months after I had my daughter I had pneumonia. I did later get it again and again. You might want to ask your doctor about the pneumonia shot. I don't know if that shot is recommended for someone who is a teen but it helped me. Take good care of yourself and get rest.

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