How Does Pch Search And Win Work?

How many ways is there to pch search & win in the contest to get your entries in to win it ?

Hi! You must be signed into When you are signed in, your name will be displayed in the upper left hand corner of the page. Your first search of the day enters you to win the PCH sweepstakes.Plus, Each time you search on Search&Win, you will be eligible to win a prize.

Laura at PCH

Who are the people that win the pch sweepstakes and why is there not a news report for that sum of money?

If the lottery has news reports and other types of winnings have coverage why not the pch. And if you do not have to buy the products why the push to buy the stuff that is over priced to begin with. Is that where the money comes from?

It doesn't seem like PCH has a winner.PCH sure can make you think you are the winner.They are really annoying and yes i'd like to see the winner,its been 2yrs and they keep making me think i'm the one.PCH is out to make sales!

In Publishers Clearing House search and win do you search for crazy things to mess with them?

You know PCH is using info and do you search for wierd searches to screw with them.I either just search for self or type a crazy search.

i am with you on the crazy search thing, seem like the just sell all my info to someone else.

Can You Win Some money for matching some of the numbers on pchlotto?

Ok so I was on pchlotto and I saw that I matched 4 of the 7 numbers on the 10 million dollar lottery ticket on pch. So my question is can I still win some kind of cash even though I didn't match all the numbers? Or is not like a real lotto ticket that you would buy? Please let me know. Thanks in Advance!

Hi there,

In order to win on the PCHlotto cards, you'd need to match all numbers, as stated in the Official Rules. Please see Official Rules that accompany all entries and games for winning and prize payout information.

Laura @ PCH

Am I wasting my time and energy with entering the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes?

PCH sends me notices of new drawings via email and I continue to enter them. I heard just recently on a news channel that someone had found dumpsters full of mailed in entries (unopened) outside of the PCH building. That makes me wonder if the entries done online even goes to their system. I can't help but be wonder if it is all just a waste of time. Then again there is that part of me that is hopefull and enters "just in case".

Well, you could actually win, but the odds are that you will not. I would not play their game because they choose who they want to win. Its not a random drawing to pick the winner, they have a committee that chooses who wins.

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