How Does Pch Make Money?

Who are the people that win the pch sweepstakes and why is there not a news report for that sum of money?

If the lottery has news reports and other types of winnings have coverage why not the pch. And if you do not have to buy the products why the push to buy the stuff that is over priced to begin with. Is that where the money comes from?

It doesn't seem like PCH has a winner.PCH sure can make you think you are the winner.They are really annoying and yes i'd like to see the winner,its been 2yrs and they keep making me think i'm the one.PCH is out to make sales!

How many ways is there to pch search & win in the contest to get your entries in to win it ?

Hi! You must be signed into When you are signed in, your name will be displayed in the upper left hand corner of the page. Your first search of the day enters you to win the PCH sweepstakes.Plus, Each time you search on Search&Win, you will be eligible to win a prize.

Laura at PCH

Laguna Beach / Huntington?

How long of a ride on PCH is Huntington Beach to Laguna Beach? And are there fire pits in Laguna? Dos Laguna have a nice boardwalk? I am going down there to see the tidepools tomorrow and I also wanted to have a bonfire. Thanks! :)

Huntington Beach is a long city, depending on where you start and traffic it can take anywhere from 15-40 minutes going down PCH.
PCH can be very slow moving on the weekends.
The tide-pools at Crystal Cove State Beach and Little Corona del Mar Beach are great. Be sure to go at low tide.

Cancel a magazine through Publishers Clearing House?

I ordered a magazine and when I got one I didn't care for it. I checked and failed to find out how I could cancel the magazine. How can I cancel it the right way so that they stop asking for payments?

Call pch customer service and tell them you'ld like to cancel the subscription. Their number should be somewhere on their website Hope this helps

Can You Win Some money for matching some of the numbers on pchlotto?

Ok so I was on pchlotto and I saw that I matched 4 of the 7 numbers on the 10 million dollar lottery ticket on pch. So my question is can I still win some kind of cash even though I didn't match all the numbers? Or is not like a real lotto ticket that you would buy? Please let me know. Thanks in Advance!

Hi there,

In order to win on the PCHlotto cards, you'd need to match all numbers, as stated in the Official Rules. Please see Official Rules that accompany all entries and games for winning and prize payout information.

Laura @ PCH

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