How Does Owning A House Help With Taxes?

How can i find out how much taxes i would have to pay on a house at the end of the year?

Do it depend on the zip code, or do it depend on the house? I want to buy a house for under 50,000 but i dont know how taxes work, please explain. Also what s the most taxes can be on a house? I want to move to zip code 19703, or maybe 19802, 19803, wilmington , de

It depends on the house - property taxes are based on the appraised value of the home. If House A appraises for more than House B, House A will have higher property taxes. The appraisal value will be partially based on where the home is, but not necessarily the zip code.

You can contact the person in your city or county that handles property tax appraisals to get an idea of what property taxes in the area are. If there is a particular house you are interested in, you can get past data for the exact house.

Expenses of owning a house in the UK?

What are the taxes if I bought a house outright in the UK after council tax. What other taxes do I have to pay and are they monthly or annually ? Thank you

If you own the house you live in you have to pay council tax based on the rateable value of the house - either as an annual lump sum or in 10 monthly instalments - plus water rate charge either as an annual charge or, as in my area, in 8 monthly instalments.
Naturally there are other bills to pay, like gas and/or electricity supply, telephone line rental, television licence (assuming you have one), and bricks and mortar insurance against the possibility of fire or other damage to the building, as well as insuring the contents of your house in case of accidents or burglary.
You would have to do the same, apart from insuring the bricks and mortar, if you rented the house from the local council

How much is house and property tax deduction really worth?

I'm just curious as to how much we actually "get back" for owning our house and paying taxes. Our income last year was approximately 75K, and our taxes and the interest part of our mortgage (not the principal) came out to be about $15K. We itemized our return and whatnot (itemizations totalled about $20K including the mortgage and taxes). So would anyone know, how much real money did we actually get on top of what would have gotten if we didn't itemize? Is it really that different?

It is very different.
Since you say "we" several time I assume you are married filing jointly. The standard deduction for you would otherwise have been $10K. Since you got $20K, you doubled your deduction. This does not mean you saved $10K, though.
Start with your tax rate (total taxes you should have paid divided by your income after all deductions). Multiply this by the difference between the $20K that you itemized and the $10K standard deduction. This is the savings for itemizing.
Based on your income, you probably pay around 20% in taxes, so itemizing should have saved you around $2,000. Well worth it.

Property Tax vs Tax Deductions?

I plan to buy a home soon, but am utterly confused as to why you have to pay property tax but then get deductions on your taxes for owning a house. I realize that every state and person is different, but generally do the two even eachother out? If I was to get taxed about 30% of my paycheck (because I have no dependents and no other write offs) and I was to buy a $400,000 house, could I expect that I would end up ahead on my taxes? Oh, this is in California by the way. Like I said, I'm assuming my taxes are usually 30% of my income. The home is in California. And the interest rate of the 400,000$ home is about 5.25%. Is there an easy way to calculate all that?

Property tax goes to your county (or city sometimes) and is related to the value of your property and the services you allegedly receive from the county (or city).

The tax deduction is based on the interest you pay to finance the house. If you, say, inherit the house - no tax deduction, but you still pay property tax.

The tax deduction usually outweighs they property tax, although that depends on the value of the house, property tax rate, your income and your income tax rate.

On average, what are the property taxes on a 500,000 dollar house in Cedar Rapids, Iowa?

I'm looking to buy a house with my husband in a couple years but I have no idea how anything works as far as property tax. Are there taxes on buying the house and then yearly taxes after the house is paid off? Once a house is completely paid off, about how much are the annual taxes in Cedar Rapids, Iowa?

I doubt there is anyone on who just happens to be from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. However, the tax records are typically online. Just find a few 500K houses and look up the tax records for them. They should say what taxes are on the houses you choose.

Also, how taxes work varies place to place but where I am there are transfer taxes (but not everywhere - soon juisdictions do not have transfer taxes) for when you buy the place, and yearly real estate taxes due once or twice (two payments) per year.

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