How Does Our Brain Work?

You know when you think really hard and your brain gets tired/ cramped from thinking so much? Do your brain m?

You know when you think really hard and your brain gets tired/ cramped from thinking so much? Do your brain muscles get stronger? Do you have muscles in your brain? I know when I work out sometimes, once they've unstiffened a bit, I can tell they've gotten stronger. Is it like that with brain muscles? If brain muscles do get stronger, in what ways do they get stronger? Thanks!

Your brain has no muscles.

your brain does get stronger in terms of critical thinking and or knowledge its you exercise it. the More you use it the better it becomes in that feild.

the Expression "brain workout" is to exclaim the process of exercising thinking ability in logic, English, math ect...

Simply you miss interpreted that Expression.

How much are your eyes connected to your brain?

I notice if I don't use the computer for even just a day I'm able to think more clearly but when I overuse it my brain gets foggy, in other words I think when my eyes are strained from internet use it actually makes me dumber.

Using your computer is work for your eyes and work for your brain. Like muscles after heavy exercise all organs get tired after high workloads and have to recover, including the brain which is the organism's toughest worker. The brain has the highest oxygen consumption of all organs and constantly works heavily. Why shouldn't it have the wish to relax, like your eyes too?

What are 4 different categories of events that are likely to cause damage to the brain?

What are 4 different categories of events that are likely to cause damage to the brain and thus brain function. In what way is the brain affected? What are the current statistics associated with each of those categories?

Cerebral hypoxia
Subarachnoid hemorrhage
Transient Brain Stem Ischemia
Brain abscess

Brain Tumors
new studies think "obesity in the brain" fast food addivtives may cause it

Can the human brain crash like a computer?

The brain is very complex. But is it possible for electrical brain signals to accidently reach a crashing state? Destroying and shutting down the mind?

The human brain is LIKE a computer, but it is NOT a computer. The brain LIKE it has programming, but it does not have programming. The brain has electrical signals LIKE a computer, but the brain is a complex chemical operation, and only partially electrical.

Actually, many of the parts of the computer (memory, input, output) are named after the biological functions they act like, and not the other way around. The parts of a computer ACT LIKE parts of the brain, and not the brain acting like a computer. This is why we apply the term ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE to certain computer programs -- The REAL INTELLIGENCE is the biological brain

It is impossible for a brain to "crash like a computer" because it is not a computer. it is possible for a brain to crash LIKE a computer, in the sense that a brain can seem physically undamaged yet still not work. This is called BRAIN DEATH, and it is irreparable, irreversible, and fatal. In a real computer, the fault could be isolated, repaired. and the computer brought back to a functioning state, as it was before.

When is a fetal brain fully developed?

I have been looking for hours and the only thing that i can find is that by week 8 all the major organ systems are developed and functional. some sites say that its week 5, others say its 6.. I know that the neural tube starts to form at week 5 and by week 8 you can see brain wave function, but i dont know the cut off for when the brain is functional..please help

Technically, brain development is a lifelong process. You are able to learn things when you are old.

But, a fully developed brain occurs around the age of 25 years. A newborn baby's brain is still a work in progress.

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