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Ooma Telo Question! Help plz?

I have recently bought a Ooma Telo and it constantly has this annoying buzzing and chatter like noice in the backround of calls. It also doesn't work when the PC it's hooked up to isn't booted up. Is this my fault in the installation or is Ooma Telo just a crappy product. If it is my fault can you describe ways to solve this problem? Thx.

The ooma should work whether or not your PC is on, if it is hooked up correctly.

Go to, support, forums, and post your question. Give complete information as to how you have the ooma hooked up. I'm sure someone will be able to help you.

I've used ooma for over two years, and it's a great system.

Any OOMA Telo coupons?

I want to buy a OOMA Telo but I want to save some money. Are there any coupons I can use? Thanks in advance!

You can save $50 off Ooma Telo and also get free shipping.
Got to this link:

And enter one of these codes:

This are one time use coupons so if one doesn't work try the next one.

What are some products similar to Ooma Telo?

My family and I would like to get Ooma Telo, however because of where we live, it is currently not available. Are there any other products like Ooma Telo where it gets plugged into the internet and phone, without having to use a computer, such as products like magicJack?

well you provide a problem, but do not provide sufficient information to resolve your issue...

WHERE do you live that you can not get an ooma???

personally i think that ooma is over priced... and would recommend vonage at $25/mo over $225 for the ooma purchase price, plus $125 per year for ooma premier...

not sure if the code is still valid but there is a code for $20 discount and a free ooma scout, or number port here

you could order ooma from amazon, or pick one up at best buy or many other big box retail stores.. if the reason you can not get it is because they do not have a local area code, that is not a reason... you can port your existing number, or just get a google voice number to point to your ooma number for people to have a local number to call you..

Ooma phone?

can anyone tell me how the ooma phone works and the details involving it compared to a regular broadband phone. example: Do you get a phone # or can you only call out? Thank you so much

no, youwill keep your exiting number....I'm gonna try it....

Voice over the Internet, so far, has been a game of cheap minutes, shoddy quality, and unreliable connections. It's also been a money-losing proposition. The promise of voice being free has remained just that - a promise. Palo Alto-based startup Ooma promises to resolve those frustrations in September 2007 while offering free voice calls for life.

So how does Ooma manage "free" voice calls? Say you call Manhattan. Ooma routes the call to an Ooma box to the 212 area code, with the local carrier accepting it as a regular outbound call. It works even if the destination number lacks an Ooma box

Think of it another way: What the PC did to the mainframe, Ooma is doing it to the telecom switch. It's a brilliant technological achievement, tempered by some serious regulatory and go-to-market challenges.

Ooma free phone service?

If you've tried this VOIP service, I need to know how porting your business phone worked...please reply with any comments. I also have a toll-free 800 # and am wondering if this will "follow" to Ooma service. Thanks in advance,

This link from Ooma explains how to port numbers to their service.

Do not disconnect service from your previous phone number provider until your number has been successfully ported by Ooma customer service.

If your 800# is being "forwarded" to your existing business number, then you probably don't need to change anything with that number. If that 800# is with the same service you are porting your business number from, then you cannot cancel service with that provider if you need to keep the 800# through them. Unfortunately, Ooma does not allow you to port 800# to their service. However, if your 800# is being "forwarded" to your business number, you will continue to receive these forwarded calls after you port the business number to Ooma.

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