How Does Og Kush Smell Like?

What does og kush smell like?

Is it a pine sol smell

Strain Name: OG Kush

Grade: A+

Type: Indica

Looks: Very nice light and dark green colours. Lots of Orange hairs and covered in


Smell: Very strong sweet smelling kush. Slight orangy smell.

Taste: Taste is very strong, very harsh on lungs. Real sweet and earthy tasting hoots.

Effects: Strong on the eyes and weighs them down. Makes you want to lay down.

Potency: Very high in potency.

Good Strain For: Good strain for bed time, video games maybe sometimes wake and bake if

you have nothing else to do.

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What is kush? for smokers ONLY?

Is it laced? I had some and it made me pass out during class - well i went to sleep...

Not laced at all!!! Kush is just the strain of weed it was. A very strong strain !! There many diff kinds of kush. Bubble kush, OG kush, purple kush...ect. Kush has a very high thc content and is a highly sought after starin in the medical clubs. That's most likly why u passed out brotha lol

How much does 1gram of purple kush look like?

And how much should it cost?

Listen to what lalaman has to say about size and price. Don't worry about the strain, if you don't even know what it looks like, then you really don't need purple kush to get you lit. To check for quality take a smell. Does it have a chemically smell to it? If so don't buy it. If it's really fragrant or musky smelling or just strong smelling in anyway you are off to a good start. Now for the most important indicator of quality. The weed should be covered in a fine white crystally, sticky, substance (pollen!) and the more of it there is the better the weed.
Also if you're that obsessed with purple kush just look at it. It will be crystally as f'uck and it will have a purple tint to the leaves.

What type of marijauna is Kush.Hydo is grown in the water but what makes Kush different;how is it cultivated?

Well, "Kush" can be a variety of marijuana, the term "Kush" simply means that the specific weed you're talking about is supposably good. The only way to tell if that specific mary-jane is in-fact "Kush", is to try it out yourself ... and if indeed it gets you higher than usual, than it could possibly be considered "Kush". Now Hydro on the other hand is and always will be one of the finest types of marijuana because of the fact that it is hydroponically grown.

Is kush stronger than weed?

Kush originally referred to a variety of cannabis indica from Afghanistan, named for the Hindu Kush mountain range. There are numerous Kush strains being cultivated in the U.S. and elsewhere now.

You are probably talking about one of the various synthetic marijuana blends that also have Kush in their name. Some of that stuff is stronger than cannabis, and also has some nasty side effects (convulsions, for example) if you smoke too much, so be careful.

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