How Does Obamacare Work?

How did Obama, Pelosi and Reid plan to fund Obamacare?

The problem is that they had no plans to fund Obamacare. They just want to drive the country further into debt to fund it. In Mo. the Hancock Amendment declares such liberal schemes unconstitutional.

New taxes. Obamacare doesn't require a lot of funding. Obamacare doesn't actually provide anyone with health care. It's just new rules for how the health care marketplace should operate. Obamacare is sort of like Amazon, except the products sold on Obamacare exchanges don't require any shipping or handling.

There are no funding problems for Obamacare. While Republicans forced a shutdown of the federal government by refusing to fund it, Obamacare maintained its funding.

Need help with applying for Obamacare?

Okey so im googling everything possible having to do with signing up for Obamacare. What am i supposed to be looking for exactly? I assumed there was a website like or somthing . what I did find was a few diff. confused. I am currently on is this obamacare?? im so confused. it gave me a list of health insurance's but.... is this obamacare?? No where on the site does it say obamacare. thanks everyone! please no cracks about the program.

Any insurance will comply with the law. I would not trust any online insurance company when you can get insured by a legitimate major one.

I dont know if you are sincere but the federal insurance exchange is found at but if your state has its own exchange you go to that. Here is a link to Obamacare to explain what to do if you cant get online to buy insurance.

Why do people think Obamacare is a bad idea?

If companies have to cut everyone's hours to 30 then they'll have to hire more people to do the same job thus eliminating unemployment.


This week, Sen. Cruz will push for a vote on his amendment to defund Obamacare.

The effort to stop Obamacare is one of the most critical challenges of our time. Even before being fully implemented, Obamacare is already hurting small business, reducing hours Americans are able to work, forcing employers to drop coverage, and leading to substantial increases in healthcare premiums—especially for young people. If fully implemented, Obamacare will create an even further drag on the economy, killing more jobs and stifling opportunity.

Our economy desperately needs robust economic growth and as long as Obamacare is on the books, it will stand in the way of job creation and prosperity. The longer Obamacare is on the books, the more damage it will do.

That's why Sen. Cruz has introduced legislation to repeal Obamacare and an amendment to defund it.

Since most Americans live unhealthy lifestyles, will anyone qualify for Obamacare?

Under the unhealthy lifestyle clause in the Obamacare bill, people who aren't living healthy lifestyles will not qualify.

There is no actual "Obamacare"

It is just a law that forces you to buy your own way, and takes money from just about everywhere else to cover the administrative costs.

Nurses are striking in San Francisco right now because Obamacare is causing them to take a pay cut because under Obamacare hospitals will be reimbursed less for medicaid/medicare patients.

Do you think Republicans really want the Obamacare website to work?

They are doing everything humanly possible to make Obamacare work.

And if you believe that,
I have some swamp land I would like to sell you.
Of course they don't want the website to work.
In fact, they would probably sabotage it if they thought they could get away with it.

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