How Does Mturk Pay?

What kind of companies are behind the majority of Mturk assignments?

If you have ever used Mturk, you know the ones I mean: which of these pictures do not show dogs? which of these words best fits the sentence? what seafood restaurants exist in athens, georgia?

Go to and click the names of the top requesters to see the tasks that they have been posting.

How long does it take to be approved for a MTurk account.?

I just applied for a MTurk account and i already had a amazon account.

1 year.

How can earn money from Internet without paying someone?

I tried several options but, they asking me to pay registration fee. Or I would like to Import something can be sell in my country (Sri Lanka). My economy has down drastically. If someone can help me, I don't mine. Thank you.

Can you accept PayPal, and do you have a Facebook account (or, can you get one?) There's a new Facebook application:

That'll allow you to get paid, and it's not difficult, and it won't cost you anything. It's much better than earning pennies, but I'm not sure it'll work for you.

Also, have you tried Amazon Mechanical Turk:

I'm not sure if you can use it in your country, again, and this one literally does pay pennies... but it's won't cost you anything to earn money.

I'm not really familiar with Sri Lanka and the types of programs that are suitable for that country, but maybe one, or both, of these will work.

What kind of money can you make on Amazon Mturk?

Can you really make a decent amount of money on Mturk? What are the best HIT's to take? Is there anywhere else to make a decent amount of money online? I mean is it even possible? I am not looking to make millions 1,500 - 2,000 a month would be awesome.

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convert speech to text?

Hi. I'm doing research at work using interviews as one method to gain insight into policy and practice. I now want to transcribe the interviews other than manually typing. Anybody used a piece of software suitable? I have already explored Nvivo but it's way too expensive and it's a one off project so not woth spending much money on

Speech recognition software would be no good for your task because it has to be trained with each voice that is transcribed. Also the software only achieves 80% accuracy.

You might try something like amazon turk - ask people online to type it for you, for a monetary amount which you set.

Amazon Turk

And others:

Info about these services:

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