How Does Mockingjay End?

The Hunger Games Mockingjay?

Can anyone tell me if Neca are going to create pin badges of the other two Mockingjay designs for the other two films 'Catching Fire' and 'Mockingjay'? On the original book covers there are two different designs of Mockingjay which they are using for the movie posters

They probably will when the movies for Catching Fire and Mockingjay come out, the pins for the first one only became popular once the first film was released, which is silly as the books are way better than the films, but still

In Mockingjay, when is Effie Trinket first mentioned(spoilers)?

I know she was taken and tortured - somebody told me that. But when do they mention this? I'm already on page twelve and she hasn't been mentioned. She's my favorite so I really want to know ^_^ thanks for any help!

She isn't taken and tortured. You'll see her at the end. She usually isn't mentioned or what happened to her until she comes in at the final pages of Mockingjay.

Is there any midnight release parties for the book Mockingjay near Holliston MA?

I would like to go to a midnight release party for the book Mockingjay by suzanne collins, but I don't know if there are any. Please help.

I am not sure about the midnight release party, but Suzanne Collins will be visiting MA as a part of her Mockingjay Book Tour.

Here's the Complete Details of Suzanne Collins’ 13-City ‘Mockingjay’ Book Tour:

Borders is also having a Mockingjay Fan Fest but I think it's on the 28th.

Is Cinna from mockingjay dead?

In mockingjay? if he is i'm gonna cry!

Cinna did died but in catching fire not mocking jay. He died just before Katniss was sent off to the 75th hunger games. As katniss was going to leave, peace keepers came in and beat Cinna to death. This was a message from president Snow to Katniss to not rebel and it was also a punishment for Cinna's dress which turned Katniss' wedding gown into a mockingjay dress. In mocking jay, it also reveals that Cinna was part of the rebellion and has design many Mockingjay dresses for the rebellion before he died.

What does the mockingjay from Catching Fire symbolize?

So Im going to use the mockingjay for a symbol. I already have an idea, but I just want to make sure I am right. So, please just let me know what you think the mockingjay symbolizes.. thanks!

If you'll look at each book, you can see the symbolization as it changes.

On the Hunger Games cover, the bird in metal and encased---subdued or "dead" in the sense that it's just the pin from the book, if you'll remember.

For Catching Fire, the bird's encasing is beginning to open, and it looks more lifelike, spreading its wings with some feathering on it. This is a symbol for the rebellion, for the Districts starting to break free.

And on the last book, Mockingjay, the bird is completely free and, if you'll notice, real. This symbolizes that the goal has been reached, and they are free.

Hope this helped!

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