How Does Latitude Affect Climate?

Answer by Gray R. on Sep 16 2009

The higher the latitude or closer to the north or south pole, the colder the average temperatures get. That is because of the tilt in the earth's axis, while it revolves around the sun and rotates daily. This results in less solar heating at latitudes approaching 90 degrees. With a few exceptions, like in mid-latitude deserts, the farther away you are from the equator, the colder it should be.

How does longitude and latitude affect terrain?

How does the longitude and latitude affect the terrain of a location?

Longitude and latitude affect climate and climate in the form of lots of rain and wind or very little rain and wind effects the amount of vegetation and the rate of erosion.

How does altitude and latitude affect Mexico's climate?

Latitude affects Mexico's climate just like any other place on earth the father away it is from the equator the colder and the closer to the equator the warmer

. What is the role of ocean currents in the transport of heat? How can ocean currents affect climate? Contras?

. What is the role of ocean currents in the transport of heat? How can ocean currents affect climate? Contrast the climate of a mid-latitude coastal city at a western ocean boundary with a mid-latitude coastal city at an eastern ocean boundary.

My friend, I am Norwegian. I suggest that you look at an Atlas and see how far north Norway is. Then look at the very north tip of Norway: the coast there has never ice! That's thanks to the Gulfstream that has a branch going all the way north. Without that, Norway would be a big huge glacier, just like Greenland!

Oslo, the capital and the place where I live is on the same latitude as Cape Farewell, the southmost point of Greenland.

factors affecting the climate of East Africa?

and how they affect this climate

the factors affecting east african climate are,
1.latitude 35° S to about latitude 37° N
2.the near bisection of the continent by the equator results in a largely symmetrical arrangement of climatic zones on either side
3.the great east–west extent of the continent north of the equator, in contrast to its narrow width to the south. In consequence, the influence of the sea extends farther inland in southern Africa

How does seasons and latitude affect climate?

brief answers would be appreciated. thank you

Actually neither seasons or latitude affect climate in the slightest. Climate is the weather that is considered normal for a given place, and the seasons and latitude are figured into that description of what's normal for that place.

Now if you were to ask how does seasons and latitude affect the weather, that's an entirely different question. And the answer is --- DRAMATICALLY.

The closer to the poles you get, the colder it gets, the closer to the equator you get, the warmer it gets.

Seasons are caused by the Earth's axis tilt (about 23 degrees I think) the tilt is always in the same direction (in space) as the Earth orbits the sun, thus the top half of the Earth is tilted toward the sun for half of the orbit and the bottom half of the Earth for the other half of the orbit.

When the top half of the Earth (Northern Hemisphere) is tilted toward the sun, it has summer --- then winter when tilted away at the other side of the orbit.

This also causes the months of the year to be opposite for summer and winter between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

So when the Northern Hemisphere is in its summer months, those same months are the winter for the Southern Hemisphere.


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