How Does Kroger Fuel Points Work?

Is there a set schedule of when Kroger does it's quadruple fuel points for buying gift cards?

I need to buy a big-ticket item at Best Buy soon, and was going to go buy gift cards at Kroger to do it so I get my credit-card airline points, plus Kroger fuel points. They sometimes do 4x fuel points. Is there a regular schedule of when they do it,(like the 1st week of the month or something) or is it totally a random thing?

Credit cards, gift cards, prepaid cards, debit cards are all well-accepted mode of payment for in-store and online shops that sell goods and services. There are also many ways of getting these cards. One way of buying gift cards are through stores such Kroger Family of Stores that offer promotions for buying gift cards.

Do fuel points from King Soopers work at all stations that are also Kroger owned?

My friends and I are planning a spring break trip from Colorado Springs, CO to Lake Havasu City, AZ. If we purchase Shell gift cards and Visa gift cards at the local King Soopers in Colorado Springs, will the fuel points we earn at that King Soopers be available at stations in New Mexico and Arizona that accept Smith's and Fry's fuel points? I know all are Kroger based but I just want to know if the points we earn will be able to be used at Fry's and Smiths in Arizona and New Mexico along the way. Thanks!

Yes. At any participating Shell Station. Also any Kroger gas station.

Can you use your kroger card to get gas discounts?

The Kroger next to my house sells gas, I've pumped there before but I haven't used my kroger card. Do you get discounts on gas if you use your kroger card? Or is there some sort of points system where you can redeem your fuel points? Thanks.

It's both. You can use it anytime and get a few cents per gallon. Also, if you've bought $50 groceries, then you get 20 cents per gallon off.

How much do I save with Kroger Fuel Points and what do I do to use them?

I have 8 fuel saver points how many do I need to save money on gas

For every $100 you spend if you use your Kroger Plus card you get 10 cents off per gallon of gas. Sometimes they run specials that allow you to get as much off as 15 cents to 50 cents. And it comes off automatically when you use your card to buy gas.

Work @ Kroger in the Dayton, OH area?

When do Kroger employees get W2? Is it mailed to them? I haven't worked @ Kroger since 4/06. Will I still get mine?

kroger usually is the last one to mail them out usually not till the end of January

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