How Does Knowing The Double 6+6 12?

Who knows anything about MW3 Double XP?

So if I get double xp codes and use them on like a double xp weekend, do you guys think or know that i will get 4x XP.??

You get double XP from Doritos and MT. Dew bottles.

What are the rules for double strike in MTG?

I have a creature that gives all my other creatures double strike. At first we didn't really question any of it. But now we are wondering about dealing damage with a creature with double strike, and blocking with a double strike, etc.

Double Strike deals both First Strike Damage and Normal Damage. So a 2/2 Double Strike against a 2/4 will result in mutual destruction, but a 2/2 Double Strike against a 10/1 results in only the 10/1 dying.

There are not special rules for Double Strike in comparing attacking and blocking. It is always on.

It is important to remember that even if the First Strike damage kills all the blockers against it, it is still considered Blocked, and therefore the second hit does not go through to the defending player (unless the attacker also has Trample) and becomes wasted. This can also hinder the use of Lifelink when combined with Double Strike.

How many cards is one dealt for double down on blackjack?

"Doubling Down" in Blackjack is pretty much the same as "Hitting," except two things happen:

1. Doubling down forces you to double your bet. If you bet $5 and Double Down, you will have to bet another $5, betting $10 in total.

2. After a Double Down, you are forced to Stand, and cannot hit again. If you double down and get a 14, you have to stay at 14.

How do double coupons work exactly?

I see lots of definitions for double coupons, but I still am not sure if I understand completely. So I shop at Kroger and they say they double up to $.99 so does this mean if I have a coupon that is for $.75 does this mean it doubles to $1.50or does it just double to $.99? Thanks in advance!!

It works this way:

"double up to $.99 so does this mean if I have a coupon that is for $.75 does this mean it doubles to $1.50?" Yes, that's absolutely how it works. .80 coupon would double to $1.60, .55 coupon doubles to $1.10, etc. Any coupon valued at $1 or higher will be good for face value and not doubled.

How many different alkenes can be made from butane?

I'm stuck on my science homework, I've scanned through all of my revison books but I'm still confused, any help?

Butane is

An alkene has at least one double bond ...
C=C-C-C - 1 double bond
C-C=C-C - 1 double bond
C=C=C-C - 2 double bonds
C=C=C=C - 3 double bonds

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