How Does Hhr Handle In Snow?

Does anyone know how well HHR's handle in the snow?

I drive a VW Beetle right now which drives like a tank in the snow. I feel very safe in it. I'm wanting a bigger car and really like the styling of the HHR. I worry most about fishtailing. Thank you.

Its FWD so fishtailing shouldn't be an issue unless its driver error.

I've got a Cobalt SS/TC which is built on the same platform and its just fine in the snow.

What's anyone's experience in how a Chevy HHR handles on winter road conditions?

The all season tires on your HHR should do well on ice and snow.The owners Ive talked say it handles winter driving very well.Sitting on the cobalt platform and low center of gravity helps the HHR get you where you need to be.Drive safely and best of luck with your HHR.

I am doing research on the hhr. Can anyone give me some input on these cars?

can you share with me the pros on cons on these models? i live in the midwest and we get "weather" snow ice you name it. how do they hold up in these conditions. I also have two kids. a ten year old and three year old. We are a family of four. is it roomy enough. i would be driving this to work and around town, errands etc. give me the good and bad of it. and what do they cost. lookng for a used one. no more than 10,000.

AS a professional auto technician, i can tell you that the HHR is a very mechanically sound vehicle. The new ecotech engine,is the best motor GM has thrown together in a long time..
In my entire career i have only seen one leak oil.
Its very lightweight and highly fuel efficient.. And with snow tires installed I think you will find its handling on the snow quite effective,of course depending on your skill.
As far as longevity in the snow,like all GM cars of the north there is a special under body coat,and the they recommend washing of the under body after each years thaw.
basically just hit the right button at your local gas stations car wash.
So if you want a car that gm put a little effort into,loaded with gms tried and true standard components installed for decades,(except engine,for that's a newer one), and semi roomy for the little ones,then id go with it.
Also personally i like its style.. The heritage High roof (HHR) is modeled after the first designs of the Chevy suburban from the fifty's,,
And one of the selling points i can push,is i hardly ever see them in the shop.. and when i do,its never anything major..mostly preventive maintenance
Take care of it ,and it will take care of you.
The maintenance schedule is in your owners manual.. read it and ensure its been property maintained,then be sure to keep up with it when you have it..
good luck

How does a Lexus IS 350 RWD handle in the snow?

i will be driving this car in the chicago winter does it handle in the snow?

Fair at best.

VW Jetta GLI in Snow?

How would a 2007 GLI handle in the snow, my pops says that I should get a Ford Escape, :( I need it to go in and out of the Rocky's. I figured that I could get a pair of Kick A$$ tires, but without those how does it handle in the terrible wintery conditions?

Get yourself a good set of kick ass snow tires and drive approtiatly.

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