How Does Foxfi Work?

Foxfi and playstation 3?

I just installed FoxFi onto my LG Optimus Q Android in hopes of using it for my ps3, but the wfi doesn't work with my model, and my playstation doesn't detect it when i use FoxFi's bluetooth setting. Can anyone help me get this to work or figure out if this even works on a ps3?

FoxFi will work with the PS3 in Wi-Fi mode. It will not detect the network from a bluetooth connection.

Help with Foxfi at galaxy 2 s?

Before that aplication work in my phone perfecly but after the upgrade that sprint did to my phone when i connect foxfi I'm not able to connect to hotspot. Can somebody please, please with this because now i don't have internet at my pc :(

Sprint and ATT has blocked the Foxfi app. because they want you to pay them for using your phone as a hot spot for free. Just another way to make you pay them more money.
I was told that if I rooted my galaxy s2 then I could download Foxfi and use the phone for a WIFI hotspot.

Do you get charged for using foxfi?

I have a galaxy s2 epic 4g for sprint and am trying to get around paying 30$ so is foxfi free?

Foxfi is absolutely free.

is there a freeapp for iphone like foxfi?

a friend of mine has foxfi on his phone but my boyfriend and i have the iphone....we are getting ipads for christmas and want to be able to use them when we travel for the holidays but no one has internet where we will something like foxfi where we could run off his iphone would be greatttt!

How do you know what you are getting for christmas?

i been hearing about pdanet and foxfi?

so i installed pdanet to my nexus 7 and on my samsung exhbitII the foxfi so do i need to use the data paln so i can connect to my nexus7 or how can i get wifi on my tablet using the foxi and pdanet

We'll i used pdanet a lot, not recently, but i used it on my pc, connected to the pc, im not sure how your gonna use pdanet on the tablet, i dont think theres a way to connect your phone to the tablet

So the Foxfi, if your able to activate teh wifi hotspot on it then i guess you activate the wireless signal on foxfi

And yea foxi and pdanet require interne ton your phone

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