How Does Fifty Shades Of Grey End?

Fifty Shades of Grey from a Christian perspective?

Can someone tell me about the book Fifty Shades of Grey from a Christian perspective? Like a Christian book review. I have heard a lot of people say it's a great book, but I know there's a lot of sex in it. Please help.

Yes, the subject of the book (sex) has been successful in attracting readers. But Fifty Shades Of Grey is not porn, although it is specific and very sexual. It is a fun, easily readable story which will keep you entertained. Some readers have said that the book is “unputdownable”. I would not push it that far, after all, I started quite a few weeks ago and I still have not finished the first book. But I still would recommend it (for open minded people, of course, as the sexual reference might not be for everyone’s taste).

Can anyone tell me how Fifty Shades Of Grey ends?

So I downloaded the first book of fifty shades on this websites for my iBook but I'm not sure exactly how the book ends I hope it doesn't end how I just read...Can anyone tell me exactly how it ends?

If you are asking about the first book only, not the complete story....Anastasia leaves him because of the spanking in the Red Room of Pain!

How to get my husband to do some "fifty shades" BDSM?

I have been reading Fifty Shades of Grey.. Like every other women on the planet. I've never been into the Dom/sub thing but I really really want to try it out. Any ideas on how to ask my husband to do it with out actually just flat out saying "hey, I want you to be my dom for a night." I was thinking of writing him a note and leaving it on the table with a little section of the book and be ready for him but I dont want to catch him in a bad mood or when he's just not in the mood. I just need a few ideas. Thanks No rude or stupid comments please.

I have not read the Fifty Shades series. I AM part of the BDSM community. There is a lot of talk in the community now about whether these books are misleading. In the end BDSM is what you and your partner want.
I like the way this website presents it

Talk to your hubby about it and look at the site together. Most guys would like to try some sort of BDSM, but are afraid to mention it. It is suspected that as much as 80% of Americans under 50 have tried light bondage,spanking and or role play.

Who should play as Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey Movie?

I think it should be someone who doesn't have an image yet. You know, not like Christian Bale! Cuz he's known as Batman right now. What's your thoughts?

Frankly, I dont give a shi*t about grey as long as they cast beautiful actress as anastasia.


i have just started reading dis novel called fifty shades of grey..and there is d use of dese words INTIMIDATE and INTIMIDATING..wat does the two words means?? and why does ana finds christian so intimidating?

1.Intimidate is a verb which means to fill with fear or awe through the force of personality or wealth and talent.
Intimidating is an adjective(a quality) possed by somebody here Christian Grey
2. Acc. To me Ana is intimidated by Christian because of his personality. He being in control of his life,decisive,successful at such a young age.
He has a clarity of what he wants to do( althought the reality is revealed later which reveals reasons of his excessive domination over those around him)
Morever his beauty is what also nerves Ana. She is mesmerised by his physique and attracted towards him but her knowledge that their lives are poles apart also intimidates her.

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