How Does Expedia Work?

Is Expedia a real, trustworthy website?

We are a family of five from London and we are planning to book a holiday with Expedia as they have quite cheap offers. This holiday is for Florida. The deal includes car hire, a villa and flights and is just about £4000 for that. I was quite surprised as its one of the cheapest deals I have found even though we are planning to leave in the Easter holidays, 28th March, and go for around 10 nights- Holidays are quite expensive during school breaks. So I was wondering if Expedia isn't a scam, is it a real legit website? Have any of you ever used Expedia before and if so did they have good service? I checked on Wikipedia and they said it was started by Microsoft so I thought it would be a safe website. Can anyone tell me about Expedia? I was wondering as it was surprisingly cheap so is it legit? Is it a real website? Have any of you ever traveled with Expedia from the Gatwick Airport in the UK? Please answer :)

Yes, Expedia is a real and legit website started by Microsoft. Its so cheap because the Pound is so much stronger then US Dollar right now. Basically, the US is having a big sale right now. So everything appears super cheap to you.

I have used Expedia man times.

Do expedia charge a credit card fee?

Do expedia charge a credit card fee if you book a holiday with them? i know thomas cook do, but can't find anything on the expedia website that says one way or another.

No they don't.
Booked a holiday with them lots of times now =)

This is what it says on their website

"No Credit Card fees
When you book with, you will be charged no credit cards fees on all transactions."

Have a good trip!

How can Expedia offer much cheaper tickets.....?

than the airlines own websites, i'm looking to book a flight to japan soon and expedia has just started offering a suitable ticket, £60 less than what the airline will offer. Is there a catch i'm missing? It states all costs are included, but i presume expedia make a commission on selling the ticket so that means they are getting it even cheaper.

Expedia often has deals with the companies in question. For example:

Plane Ticket Cost = $100
Airline Commission = 20% (for arguments sake)

so your ticket would cost $120

now if they share with Expedia:

Plane Ticket Cost = $100
Airline Commission = 10% (for arguments sake)
Expedia Commission = 9% (again for arguments sake off of the base cost)

So cost would be $119.

with expedia's 9%, they can do what ever they want - they can charge more less etc. Expedia gets better discounts from the carrier also depending on how many tickets they sell. If expedia is expected to sell X amount of tickets, then they get a special price. So in some cases, Expedia gives the tickets away essentially to show that they sold more tickets, and the carrier continues giving them discounts.

Furthermore, depending on how many tickets expedia expects to sell for the company, they can get more tickets to sell at a lower price (the airline company lowers their commission to help expedia out since they will be selling more).

Through economies of scale (the more you sell, the lower your costs become) they are able to provide a lower cost to you.

In any case, in my experience, expedia is not the cheapest, I would also check and other websites because Expedia many times works off of the fact that some people do not check anywhere else and they charge more.

Are Expedia and Travelocity reliable for international travel?

I am planning a trip to Europe and it is going to be quite a financial commitment for me--especially since I want to stay in really nice hotels. Has anyone booked 5-star European travel on Expedia or Travelocity? Were your reservations honored? Were the rooms what you expected? I have booked throught both services in the US but not in Europe. I would appreciate any feedback about your experiences. Thank you.

If you really want to book quality, book directly. All you're doing booking through Expedia or Travelocity is adding a middleman.

That being said, if you must go with one, go with Travelocity. Expedia has quite a bad reputation among frequent travelers.

Expedia customer service number in Spain?

I am a US citizen traveling in Spain. Can some one find me the phone number from "expedia" travel site that I can use here in Spain? I cannot use the 1-800 # they have here. I need a number that works locally in order to change my travel arrangements. TY!


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