How Does Ex Lax Work?

wat does it mean?

is the word "lax" a good thing? does it mean like cool or sumthing? waat?

"Lax" means careless or negligent, e.g., "a lax attitude towards right and wrong". It sometimes refers to things lacking structure or control, e.g., "a lax return policy".

What's LAX stand for?

I looked up LAX and I'm not sure if it's an acronym or if it stands for something else. I assume "LA" is Los Angeles, but whats the "X".

The X in LAX doesn't stand for anything in particular. All major airports have a three-letter identifier, and Los Angeles International Airport ended up with LAX. There is a LA(A-through-Z), many of which have nothing to do with the actual name of the airport. For instance, LAE is Nadzab Airport in Papua New Guinea. Wherever possible airport codes are close to the name they represent. LAX was used because LAI (for Los Angeles International) was already taken by an airport in Serval, France. Some people think of the X as representing an international crossroads.

How far to LAX from Amtrak Union Station?

I have a flight out of LAX at 11:00am. I will be arriving into Union Station at 8:50am. how much is a taxi or bus that will take me to LAX the quickest?

hi there,information for you..

When you arrive at Union Station Go outside and stand under the GREEN sign. The Flyaway to LAX runs every 30 minutes. And cost about $4.00, maybe $5.00 Pay the bus driver.failing that you can take a taxi,a journey of 18miles 20-30$ ?good luck..

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How far is Amtrak or Union station from lax airport?

I'm going to Texas on the train and only have 2 hours when I land in LA to get to the station is 2 hours enough time?

It can be enough time depending on whether you've checked baggage and how long you have to wait at baggage claim.

There is a FlyAway service that goes from LAX to Union Station. It leaves LAX every 30 minutes and takes about 45 minutes to get to Union Station. You can check the LAX website and the Metro site for more information.

On the Metro site, use the "Metro Trip Planner" on the right side of the screen. Enter LAX in the From field, and Union Station in the To field. Fill in the other ino based on your trip details. This will give you the scheduled departure & arrival times for the shuttle.


Metro -

Does anybody know where I can find open jobs positions at LAX?

I can't find anything on LAX's website. Does anybody know where to find a list of open jobs? I have checked San Francisco's Airport an they have a clear jobs section...........Why not LAX?

well do you want to work for the airport?( (what are you looking for?
if you want to be a ramp agents or ticket agents thats up to the individual not the airport
if you want to work for TSA thats up to the TSA
if do you want to sweep sidewalks thats the city of los angeles not
the airport (in other words the airport doesnt doing the higher the Los Angeles city personal dept does

here some more information

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