How Does Dxm Affect The Brain?

How does dextromethorphan affect the body?

Im talkin about liver, brain, all that, mostly liver though, does it affect the liver?

Note: the following applies to DXM and nothing else. Acitominophen and a lot of other active ingredients in cough meds will mess your body up and should be avoided like the plague.

The jury is out on long term effects on the brain:

The liver is a little more straight forward. DXM by itself is not terribly toxic for the liver and someone with a healthy liver would probably die of an overdose before liver damage could become an issue. DXM inhibits its own metabolism (primarily the CYP2D6 enzyme) and a metabolite (3HM?) is toxic to the liver, but I don't know how significant that is for liver health or liver function. That's out of my depth.

Large amounts of cough syrup (syrup, not DXM) are hard on kidneys and the pancreas.

I should point out that the effects of very large doses (say 10+mg/kg) and frequently repeated doses on the human body are not very well documented. Also, individuals can vary significantly. Not all livers are created equal and something like 4-7% of people metabolize DXM abnormally.

does alcohol protect your brain from DXM brain damage?

There was a House md episode where one dude used DXM daily, and drank vodka to protect his brain from damage. Is it true? Is it just alcohol, or a benzodiazepine also? Or even some antiepileptic drug? Im just curious.

No, no, and no.

Does weekly Dxm use cause brain damage and is it bad for you?

is taking a moderate dose of dxm about once or twice a week dangerous? if so, what will be the effects?

Actually, contrary to what most people will say, I think [depending on your health] that it IS, in fact, relatively safe to do even more than that.
I say this from personal experience. There was a period in time, throughout the long amount of time that i've been doing DXM [and I mean a LONG time] that I was doing 300-900mg doses for weeks straight at a time. Once I did this for 3 weeks straight, and after I got done, my brain felt like mushy cheese, but the main negative effect I experienced from this was a near complete loss of short term memory. However, this went away after doing no DXM for about 4 days, and I started doing it again after that. That was about 3 months ago, and I, to this day, do dxm for entire weekends at a time, and I still feel quite mentally sound, lol.

So really, I think it depends a lot on your current health...
And if you do DXM for extended amounts of time, or repeatedly, just use the signals your body gives you. If you feel like you shouldn't do it because you've already done too much in too short a period of time, then don't.
Hope I helped ^_^

What are the effects of recreationally using dxm and gabapentin?

I already know the effects of using (DXM) recreationally, and I have studied the effects of dextromethorphan on the brain.

Nasty stuff if misused or abused.

I need help from people that have A LOT of experience with DXM?

So around 4 days ago I went on my first DXM trip and did not really have a good experience but whats really concerning me is that I'm feeling a little zoned out. Is this normal? When will this go away? How to make it go away?

DXM, which is in it's own right a real drug, is known to diminish cognitive functions for a short period of time after it's use, which can vary from a few days to a week or two. For this reason I would advise to not abuse DXM frequently.
If you want to speed up the recovery process, I'd advise challenging your brain to function, little memory exercises, trying to concentrate, reactivity games (trying to react as fast as possible to visual or sensorial stimulus). Basically: use your brain.
If you have further questions about DXM use, I'd advise you to head over to drugs-forum.

Also take the time to reflect on your experience. Using drugs is in some way a heavy responsibility, and most people can't live with it.

You obviously know very little about substance abuse, but the price of the high has little to do with the quality. A Joint is cheaper then DXM, and the expensive drug: cocaine is really overrated.
And I have to say that the drugs you buy in a pharmacy are much safer then what you buy on the street, because you know what you are getting, and what the real strength of the substance is; I'd prefer to have prescribed diamorphine then street heroin any day: the street stuff is cut, is pricey, and might not even have the desired chemical in it. The best example of that is: Ecstasy. Who knowns what's in one of those tablets?
Meanwhile I don't have to get a drug test kit out, when I get some oxys from a pharmacy.
The purity/and quality of your drugs is essential, more so then it's effect, price or "coolness".

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