How Does Culture Affect Communication?

Does culture affect communication and how?

Hi, Andri. Welcome to Yahoo Answers. In anthropology, the field of science that looks at human origins and development, and the development of societies and cultures, culture is thought of as something made up basically of institutions, which include, among some other institutions, government, education, energy use, technology, science, family, and communication. Communication is a component of culture. Communication is to family member as culture is to family. One way of looking at your question is to ask, "Does FAMILY affect an individual family member?" Also, try to think this question, too, "Does an individual family member affect FAMILY?" Communication, as a human institution, is so important, it has it's own field of study called, "Linguistics" Anthropology. Here is a link to get started:

how culture can influence the communication behaviour?

Culture is to the society, what character is to an individual. As the character and the conduct are inter related, so the culture and the social behaviour. Like, every woman in the west except ones mother is an object of sex, but every woman other than ones wife is a mother to every Indian. It is the culture which has made this change in attitude. Communication is an integral part of ones behaviour which is likewise influenced by the culture.

How did the development of written communication shape Ancient Egypt?

How did they affect culture, civilization, location, etc.

The development of written communication shaped ancient Egypt to become one of the greatest empires of its time they invented writing measuring and the just like the aztecs the calender. It did affect there culture because i think only a couple people could now how to write the language.hieroglyphic writing which was the ancient egyptian way of writing which is not like our theirs were pictures like a duck, a 3 lines meaning a river, etc. With the knowledge they had they really up graded their standard of living except for punishment. for example say you were building me a house and a wall fell over on your some what the egyptians would do is push a wall over on to me son. They were very smart on how to chose a location right in the middle which i believe was called the Fertile Crescent which i think means between two rivers unless I'm confusing the Egyptians with the Persian but what ever some thing like that

how does social factors affect your health and well being?

how does sub culture, high culture, consumer culture and popular culture affect your health and well being? i need an example for each of these cultures to help me with my coursework, many thanks.

Dance with someone who has a communicable disease and you'll find out pretty quick.

To what extent would changes in organizational structure and culture affect organizational development?

To what extent would changes in organizational structure and culture affect organizational development, and vice-versa? Provide a specific example please.

Structure and culture are at opposite ends of the spectrum.
Structure is how the company is managed through hierarchy of management, processes
and procedures. The method of structure impacts Development in different ways.
No structure is chaos and confusion, frustration of employees and no way to know whether the company is heading in the proper direction. Potential of poor morale and high turnover.
Too much structure stagnates the thought process and people become robotic and seldom think for themselves. Always waiting for someone else to command the next move.

Culture has the biggest impact on development. Somewhat simplified but effective are simple rules.
1) Treat people with dignity and respect! Everyone and always!
2) Open and honest communication.
3) No conflict goes unresolved.

Implement that culture from the top down and you will have positive organizational development.
Employees are resourceful, ambitious conscientous and not afraid to make decisions and generate ideas, Your customer will experience it and will want to deal with you.

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