How Does Ccleaner Work?

Is ccleaner a way to get rid of tracking cookies?

I've been searching all over, I see a lot of people said ccleaner is good but when I go to the site, it brings up a list of free downloads and I can't find ccleaner, how can I download this and is there another program I need to download besides the ccleaner?

Ccleaner is a great program to clear your internet history and a whole bunch of other stuff. Here's a direct download link.

Have fun!

CCleaner ?

I used the issues thing on CCleaner and it listed nearly all the things on my computer so i pressed fix all and now there are very few things on my add and remove programme thing. Like when i want to uninstall things they are not on the list. Has it messed up my computer and should i try and uninstall that CCleaner thing ?

CCleaner works well for me. Perhaps those things in the A&R Programs should have been deleted, there might be some kind of unnecessary softwares. But if you should notice that the thing you want to use is missing, you might need to stop using CCleaner.

But I am quite sure that it's not CCleaner's problem, maybe it's something in your computer that is playing tricks. Because CCleaner works very well and is great, for me!

Do remember to update your CCleaner's version if you're continuing to use it. That's kinda important.

ccleaner on computer?

1. What are the pros and cons of using ccleaner? 2. Does it use up a lot of resources or slow down my computer? 3. Is ccleaner help a lot?

I never use any kind of cleaner myself, except the RegVac registry cleaner.
I have seen terrible things happen with some versions of ccleaner in the past.
It doesn't use any resources if it is not in Auto-Start mode.
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is Ccleaner good for Your computer?

does it help or dammage you computer

Ccleaner is very good for your computer. It basically clears all the cache and temp data from your comp which slows and lowers the performance of your computer. Think of it as defragmentation, which is like arranging your cupboard. If its neatly arranged, you can get your clothes faster! Same way with the computer. Ccleaner removes unwanted stuff that simply loads your computer.

If you like it you should donate some and help them keep up the good work!

What settings should I have CCleaner on before running it on my computer?

I want to run CCleaner on my computer. I have read about others using this program and then not being able to uninstall other programs on the computer because cc deletes the files. What are the optimal settings I should have set on CCleaner before I run it? Is it always better to run analyze before doing it officially. What does registry do? Do I want to run both registry and the cleaner? Thanks for your help. 10 points for the most helpful answer.

CCleaner is not a bad program. When you want to use it. do not change the default settings. unless you are an experienced person.
You are not, otherwise not this question.

I would however install Advanced System Care 3 instead of CCleaner
It is also free and does a better job.

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