How Does Bdc Reticle Work?

.22-250 varmint bdc reticle?

is there a bdc reticle in a high magnification scope (mnimum of 15x) designed for a 50, 55, or 60gr .22-250? im looking to spend under $300 more realistically, under $200.

Not sure who actually makes it but Cabela's sells their Tactical multi-turret scopes with interchangeable turrets per caliber and bullet weight. They have a 6x18 40mm for $180. The Burris Ballistic Plex uses a calibration labels,but are getting above $300.
Nikon has a Buckmaster series with BDC 4.5 x 14 40mm for $309.
Those are in the catalog, you might find better deals in their Bargain Cave or other optic sellers on line.

do all the new nikon scopes have BDC?

Do all of the new Nikon scopes have Bullet Drop Comensation? I did'nt see anything about it in their website. The two scopes I was interested in was the Team Realtree 3x9-50 and the Buckmasters 3x9-50. Anyone know if they have BDC?

Most of the Nikon scopes are available with or without the BDC. I own a Buckmaster 4.5-14 BDC that is on my 338 win mag. AWESOME scope. I've been through many cheaper scopes that just weren't up to the recoil. I know the Buckmaster will be available with the BDC and I would assume the other would be as well. I have no problem shooting the steel plate at 560 yards at our local range. Just put the 500 yard dot on the top of the plate and viola. Check with They would have the scope listed with the reticle options. They seem to have a lot of choices.

Can you get a bullet drop compensation reticle in a nightforce scope?

I'm getting a match grade super accurate M14 in 260 remington that should be accurate out to 800 to 1000+ yards and Nightforce scopes are the best in my opinion and was wondering if you could get bdc reticles in nightforce scopes.

No, because people that are smart enough to buy nightforce scopes are smart enough to realize that BDC reticles are worthless.

Technically, yes, Nightforce DOES offer drop compensating reticles. The "Velocity 1000 and Velocity 600" reticles are BDC capable, as well as the NP-R1 and NP-R2 and Mil-Dot reticles can all be used as bullet drop compensators.

But here's the bad news for your 1000+ yard plan. The field of view even in the massive 56mm Nightforce scopes won't have enough field of view to compensate for 1,000yrd shooting. At 22x, the 5.5-22x56mm has a FOV of 47ft at 1000yrds, allowing for 23.5ft of maximum hold over, whereas a .260 remington will have over 30ft of drop at 1000.

If you're dropping $3000+ on a M-1A (NOT an M-14) and another $1500-2000 on a scope to mount on it (Nightforce), then you need to realize that you DO NOT NEED A BDC. Shoot your rifle, record the drop, and adjust your scope accordingly, like the rest of us that sling lead way down town. There is NO accuracy in "holding over" 30ft,even with a BDC reticle. Skilled marksmen know better than to hold over that far. It's MUCH more accurate to dial in your scope for the appropriate range and make your shot holding "dead on". (which is why so many 1,000yrd shooters prefer the NP-2DD reticle which basically looks like -- i --)..

T/C Triumph bullet drop?

I dont have a lot of time to go out and do the testing myself due to my job so this is why i do not know myself. I have the T/C Triumph and was wanting to know what the bullet drop is using 100 grains Pyrodex and a 250 shockwave. I have Nikon Omega scope with BDC and want to know what the BDC marks mean with my load above. I mean how to calibrate my load to the BDC. If you got a T/C Triumph let me know what load is most accurate with yours. Even better if you shoot with my same set up what is the BDC drop points with your reticle. thanks

I'm guessing BDC stands for something like "bullet drop compensation."

Nikon has a PDF file on this website that explains everything:

Once you've sighted in the scope using your chosen load of powder and chosen projectile, the BDC should be fairly close if you get used to using it in the way the manual explains.

The accuracy of pretty much any rifle depends on the shooter more than the rifle; few shooters can outshoot their rifle.

what is the BDC reticle like in nikon scopes?

im looking at a nikon buckmasters and the BDC reticle kind of caught my eye how effective is it? will it work with .223 caliber? its going on a future reminton 700 sps tactical its an all around gun targets, coyotes and praire dogs. only problem i see is if it is used on praire dogs the circles may cover the critter and make it harder to make sure my shot is where it needs to be. i also need to go look at it in person and make sure its not to busy for my eyes but im just wondering if anyones has used it? heres my position metropolis. i want a gun with a heavy barrel its been my dream now for a while. i already have a .223 with a plain barrel. i like the VTRs and i was going to get one but one i dont like the hard plastic stock or the muzzle breaks. and they cost 100 dollars more. and then ive never seen but one just plain sps in stores and it was $550 im willing to pay 50 dollars more for a heavy barrel. and then i like the tactical because of the short barrel it will be a lot easier to hunt in my area with because it wont be so hard to keep out of bushes. and then lastly if i can get it soon cabelas has them for $529

I have a Nikon buckmaster 6-18X40 with BDC on my Remington 700 VTR. I sighted it in at 100 yards and moved it out to 200 yards and the second circle was dead on so yes I would say it will work. I am not sure on the other drop marks but you will just have to see where it hits and remember a lot of factors will effect if it is dead on at those ranges. although I like mine I really don't think they are needed with the BDC but that is up to you. as for the scope, its great! crystal clear and very easy to zero in.

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