How Does Bar Rescue Work?

Who pays for the renovation done on bar rescue?

Who pays for all the renovations done to the bars on the tv show bar rescue? is it the owners of the bar or the tv show?

It seems like it's the tv show that pays for everything. All of the owners are months or even weeks away from shutting down, so I don't think they would be able to afford thousands of dollars in renovations.

Isn't it illegal for the owner of an establishment to hire people to work for them, but not pay them?

I was watching Bar Rescue yesterday and there was a guy that owned a bar in Texas and the people he hired to work at the bar did not receive a salary and all of them were just working for tips. Isn't this illegal?

I was intrigued by that episode too. The only way I know it can work is if they sign on as self-employed, independent contractors, and sell drinks. For example, my son is employed by Vector Marketing, and they don't pay him. He's a self employed contractor that sells Cutco and gets a percent of the sale.

Ladies, would you go into a bar/pub if there were 3 or more motorcycles parked outside?

I recently saw a new show on Spike called "Bar Rescue" where a consultant is brought in to make a bar more profitable. He mentioned a stat that if there are 3 or more bikes parked in front of a bar, there is a 33-5% chance women won't go in (I think it was women over 34). And 6 bikes or more meant a 65% chance women wouldn't enter. If you wouldn't enter, why not?

I love motorcycles. I'd be more likely to go in. That being said, my exes were all quite intimidated by guys on bikes. So they'd be LESS likely to want to go in.

How far is My Bar in Paharganj from Ramkrishna Ashram metro station?

How do you get from the metro to my bar ?

hello there is many good bars, many many, from [new delhi stn. to arakashan road there is bar, bnefore that, ask riksha wala to go there, one bar is near sheela cinema and one bar is deen dyal upadhyay marg and many bar in outer circle of connaught place, which is walking distance,

Do you have to go to law school where you want to take the Bar exam?

I want to go to law school in new york, but everyone is telling me to go to the university of minnesota law school. Would law school way out here really prepare me for the bar in new york? And if you pass the bar in new york, what other states can you work in? I know Harvard isn't in new york, but i imagine a lot of the students from there go to work in NY.

You do not have to go to law school in the state where you want to practice. It will help you with some parts of the Bar exam -- but the fact is that most people take a Bar Exam prep course before taking the exam.

The quality of the school is probably a better indication than the location. Going to Columbia University will help you more in passing the Minnesota Bar than going to Hamline. But going to the University of Minnesota (which is a top 20 law school) will do more for you in passing the New York bar than going to St John's.

New York, by the way, is one of a handful of states where you do not have to have a law degree to take the Bar Exam. Virginia, California and Maine are three other states. That being said -- it is hard to pass the Bar without having gone to law school.

The link below can be used to find pass rates for various law schools.

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