How Does Avocado Taste?

I ate the pit of an Avocado it was soft for somereason, and incredibly small?

So it was my first time eating an avocado, no one in my family has ate one, so I cut it open and ate the seed (Thought that was the avocado and what I was supposed to eat) And I was like damn this taste horrible, but I downed it anyways, so I looked up on how to make avocado taste better, and discovered I ate the seed, I read that It is toxic, should I worry, idk.

Where did you read that? It's completely wrong, Avocado pits are full of antioxidants and fiber-health nuts grind them up and add the powder to shakes and smoothies.
Try the flesh next time, it tastes much better, and is also very good for you!

Avocados taste horrible?

I love guacamole, so I thought an avocado would have a similar texture and taste to it being one of the main ingredients. So I got an avocado, cut it in half, took out the pit, etc. I couldn't remove the skin, it was basically part of the inside and didn't easily come off like I've seen in videos. I took a small taste (the texture was more like that of a hard apple) and it tasted like.. I don't know what dandelions smell like. Some sort of pollen or whatnot. I almost threw up. Is this what avocado is really like? Thanks for the responses. I didn't check its softness when I bought it so I guess I just got unlucky.

You avocado wasn't ripe. Next time you buy one, press near where the stem was, it should give a bit (I actually like to buy overall soft ones, but you do run the risk of them being a bit more brown, but that doesn't bother me too much ... better than those hard as a rock ones that are totally unusable!)


Avocado tastes sweety and creamy and is very good for health. It is also suggested by many doctors like Dr.oz or on the doctors tv show. It is essential for your diet and if you see its price it isn't cheap and isn't expensive, because it can't be planted anywhere you need optimum conditions. You should really try it, peel it and cut it into half on a bowl and then fork it, you can also add milk to make it taste. Better

how to make avocados taste good?

they taste too mushy and creamy and planty (loliknow) how can i make it taste it good? I was recommended avocados for my health

I know what you mean about the taste and texture of avocado, it took me a while to work out how to enjoy them! I really love home-made guacamole, not blended until smooth and creamy but hand mashed with lemon juice, olive oil, chopped fresh tomatoes, coriander/cilantro leaf and red chilli, lush with tortilla chips.

Add to a hot nacho dish topped with melted cheese- I love nachos and the avocado tastes great as a compliment to the other ingredients, not 'planty' at all!.

Next favourite is a green goddess style dressing for salad ( any salad you like)- just blend avocado with lemon juice, fresh green herbs like parsley/dill/coriander/chives/tarragon, thick yoghurt or creme fraiche, a little garlic, seasoning and wine vinegar or orange juice.It looks good and tastes lovely, make it fresh as it tends to go brown quickly.

I also like avocado with fish- old school dish of halved avocado filled with tuna mayo/vinaigrette, served with good olives and focaccia is nice.

what are the brown things in my avocado?

Just purchased an avocado that I think is imported from Mexico. When I cut it in half it had several brown spots around the pit. Upon further inspection with a fork the brown "spots" turned out to be fiber-like strands. Has anyone else seen this? I've even a lot of avocado's in my life and I never have. Is it just rotten or what?

The avocado hasn't got seeds!
It is bruised from transport and it is on the way of being old. If it's too much strings, it doesn't really do the job.
Take the kernel out and plant it, perhaps you will get a nice own avocado from the plant.

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