How Does A Heart Attack Happen?

Answer by Zenia T. on Mar 3 2014

Because there is a clot in the arteries or vein

or the heart is acting irregularly. There could be an electrical pulse that suddenly stops

What is angina is it any different than a heart attack?

I have already had a heart catherazation they found 30% blockage and said it wasnt anything to worry about but my blood pressure is all over the place

Angina refers to the pain but it doesn't happen for nothing. Usually it is due to a narrowing of blood vessels causing a reduced blood flow to part of the heart resulting in pain. This is often referred to as stable angina and does not often lead to heart attack.

However unstable angina is sudden and caused by blockage, often a clot, and this form is dangerous and does indicate a person is at risk from heart attack.

So the causes for unstable angina and heart attack can be the same, where the angina preceeds an attack.

But in your case it sounds like stable angina which should not lead to heart attack. However these are things that should be discussed with your cardiologist, or rather the information should have been given to you already without you having to seek it, but good for you for asking.

There's a link attached which will provide you with more information.
Best wishes.

Why is Vitorin and Crestor still being sold when they do nothing to prevent a heart attack?

They do more to making a heart attack happen than to prevent it. It has been all over the news for the last 2 weeks. It is something that everyone who is interested in good health would have read. Google Zetia Crestor dangers.

As I've asked in answer to your questions before, where's the evidence?

What study showed that they:
1) Do nothing to prevent a heart attack.
- The ENHANCE study showed that the Zetia component of Vytorin didn't do much. It said NOTHING about simvastatin or Crestor

2) "They do more to making a heart attack happen than to prevent it."

To drag an old quote from the past, "Where's the beef?"

The first THREE pages of the suggested Google reveal primarily opinion pieces & blogs. No scientific evidence.
Saying something doesn't mean it's true.

Can you get a heart attack from an artificial heart?

Although its valves are artificial, can a person who has an artificial heart still have a heart attack? If so, then how does an artificial valve cause a heart attack compared to a biological one? Serious answers only please.

Valves have little to do with heart attacks. Heart attacks occur when the blood flow to the heart muscle is interrupted by some type of blockage or clot, and the heart muscle is not getting adequate nutrition to do its job. As such an artificial heart could not have a heart attack per se. More common than completely artificial hearts (which are still quite experimental and uncommon) are VAD devices, which are implanted to assist the patient's own heart. The devices can cause clots to form, which can contribute to heart attacks in the native heart or to other blockage problems such as strokes.

What pressure points can cause a heart attack?

A lot of people disagree that there are not such things as a pressure point that can cause a heart attack. I just need proof is there a website that actually has proof. Anyways if not what pressure point is it then that can cause a heart attack. Then i can do the other reasearch on the pressure point on my own.

Heart attacks are caused by clogged arteries that block blood flow through the body. It takes 40-50 years of bad eating and exercise habits to cause a heart attack.

Do power drinks cause heart attacks?

Do power drinks, such as Gatorade and Powerade, have any influence on heart attacks. I have heard that power drinks make the ventricle of the heart pump faster, so when the heart pumps too fast, you have a heart attack. Do power drinks really help cause heart attacks?

A heart attack is caused when the blood vessels of the heart can not feed the heart muscle or the the muscle is not being oxygenated. Gatorade and Powerade I believe are low in caffeine if they have any at all. They have electrolytes in them like Sodium and Potassium. So if you overload or are taking a supplement of these you could get yourself in trouble. They use Potassium Chloride in very high amounts as part of the Lethal Injection. It stops the heart from contracting. As far as causing a heart attack it would be very rare. I don't think there is any factual evidence to support that these drinks can cause a heart attack.

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