How Do You Whisper In Minecraft?

How to play Minecraft Alpha?

I have Minecraft beta downloaded to my Mac, how to I get Alpha on my mac?

Minecraft Beta is the updated version of Minecraft Alpha.
in other words, Minecraft Alpha is Obsolete.

Minecraft is set to automatically update(as of now there is no way to change this, to my knowledge anyway)

If you really absolutely want minecraft Alpha, you're gonna need to do some internet searching for a 3rd party (someone else other than Notch) that will allow you to download Minecraft Alpha.

Also, everything that was in Minecraft Alpha is also included in Minecraft Beta...

do people like those channels that just play minecraft?

Iwas just wondering is Minecraft getting old. Because on youtube those guys like sky does mine craft, minecraft universe, deadlox and, kermit does minecraft I felt like I wanted to do one of those but my question is, is minecraft old and do people watch those kind of channels like all just minecraft tell me if I should make a gaming channel with just minecraft or all in 1 what do you think and all in 1 means a lot of games not just minecraft Thanks.

I would reccomend instead doing MOSTLY MC, and occasionally branching out to try out other games so that you (and your viewers) don't get bored.

Youtube Tags About Minecraft?

I need some help with youtube I need some tags that have to do with minecraft like "commentary, walkthrough, gameplay" etc. so can you give me words that have to do with minecraft! okk thxx

Minecraft tags-

indie game
Minecraft World
let's play
let's play minecraft
minecraft gameplay
minecraft trailer


I need Minecraft Xbox help?

They have help pages for minecraft. I have minecraft for the xbox. Xbox and PC minecrafts are different in some ways. Whenever I look up help for the game its usually for the whole minecraft and has pages for the whole thing. Is there any websites that help for the Minecraft xbox? Minecraft wiki has all the pages so I end up finding help for things I cant even do or get. Anyone know of any pages just for the xbox?

Minecraft forums has a page specifically for Xbox. And YouTube works too they're are a lot of Xbox minecraft videos

how do you update Minecraft versions?

Im a bit new to minecraft. I run 1.4.7 and would like to know how to get 5.1 help please thanks in advance.

It should ask you if you want to update when you open Minecraft. If it doesn't, go to your .minecraft folder (or minecraft, depending on OS). For Windows, you search for %appdata% and it is usually in roaming, on a mac you go to Library>Application Support>minecraft. Once there, delete all of the folders except for saves, stats, and screenshots. Next, open the Minecraft Launcher. It SHOULD load the new version, but keep your saves.

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