How Do You View Deleted Messages On Facebook?

can u veiw deleted messages some how?

you've gotta be a little more descriptive than that.

Deleted e-mail messages?

Deleted instant messager messages?

Deleted textfone messages?

Deleted telepathic messages?

Deleted facebook messages?

Deleted myspace messages?

Deleted twitter messages?

Exactly what kind of messages are you talking about?

Deleted Facebook messages still stored on iPhone?

A couple days ago I deleted all my messages from Facebook on the computer because I had way too many I literally never deleted any messages from the day I got a Facebook. I just noticed on my iphone apps (both the Facebook and FB messenger apps) all the messages are still there! Has this ever happened to you before? Should I re-install the apps? Thanks! I want them off my phone too though! I hope my phone realizes I deleted them soon so they are no longer stored there.

it Should be Deleted From Mobile As well When you Deleted it From the PC Since its Not Please Contact Facebook at the Help Center and Report the Problem to them

Also Check And See if Facebook And Facebook messenger Have any Updates Available if there are Any Install them as Quite often Sometimes it fixes Errors

How can I retrieve my deleted messages on Facebook?

I need to find one of my messages from a certain person on facebook but i can't find it. I can't contact that person anymore. I've prob'ly deleted it. I've opened my Yahoo Mail 'cause i thought i might get a link for my previous messages but there were only links for comments and other stuff. Is there a sort of Recycle Bin for Facebook messages? thanks! I need to retrieve my deleted messages badly.

You cannot retrieve deleted messages, but you can go back and find messages you archived. Archiving a message hides it from your messages view, while deleting a message permanently removes the entire conversation and its history.
To archive a message, go to your main messages page and click the "x" next to the message. The conversation’s history will be preserved, and you will still be able to find it later. If the same person sends you a new message later, the archived conversation will reappear, and the new message will be added to it.

Can Facebook delete an account because of messages?

Can Facebook delete accounts because of messages between users? I was emailing someone, and the messages were harmless but turned sexual. We're both of legal consenting age, and I don't understand why her account was deleted. No one else could see our messages, they were just between us. I wasn't deleted, and she didn't block me. Her account was deleted. The messages were in private, not on walls. She said so herself, that no one would be able to see them except her.

You reporting it is the only way her account could have been deleted because of the messages.

My guess is that someone else reported her for something, but she's not telling you (maybe your not the only guy she's talking sexual with).

Either that or she was hit with a virus (it's happened to people I know, and some can erase all of your information and previous posts, others can make posts for you, and I'm guessing some could deactivate your account).

I disagree with the guy above. I have SOOOO many inappropriate messages in my inbox from various girls. Facebook can't delete an account based on message content alone, unless it is obviously illegal.

How do I read my deleted messages on facebook?

I need to read my deleted facebook messages.. Many people are saying to go through my e-mail notifications and click on the reply link, and then click on the deleted message thread.. but I can not find the thread. Can someone please explain how to do this in detail?

You can check deleted messages unless you refresh the inbox page because when you remove so UNDO option will not be available there.

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