How Do You Use Hxd For Yoville?

this is mainly for people who are good hackers on yoville, look at discription for question plz?

hi i was wondering how do you find out codes for yoville clothes for HxD because only codes make see able clothing i hacked this girl wavy hair it was too easy i want to know more codes please!

Find it here

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how do you get codes for your stuff on yoville?

im trying to use HxD but i dont know how to get the clothing or furiture codes for my noob items anyone plz help?!?!?!?!?!?!

You can't get codes for your stuff on YoVille since that's the violation of Terms and Services. Also, codes are not reliable, and they are scam.

Good luck!

Can someone teach me new yoville HxD hacks?

I'd like to have more. I already have anti kick and girl hairs. I'm using the no eyes cheat right now. Can any of you teach me a new cheat? Like red letters, girl lips and girl eyes for example?

Im trying to hack too, can you tell me wht you used and how you did it please? i have HxD

What are all the hacks i can do for modern warfare 2 using HxD?

Now, i know about the offline unlock everything, but i want to know if i can do it for online or maybe a hack that gets you to a certain level with all the things you would've unlocked. such as prestge 6. you wouldnt have everything, but you would have most. If you can give me a link to all the possible hacks using HxD, for PS3 i will be happy. Thanks

You can't do anything with HxD! BTW you get banned!

New myspace, yoville?

What the heck, i hate the new Myspace, i miss my old profile and the overall old set up of Myspace. Where is Yoville? I had a whole lot of money and items and everything put into my Myspace Yoville account. Is there a way to get it back, whats going on?

This is a message from the official Yoville page on facebook:

"This week MySpace shut down its gaming platform and as a result, Zynga’s YoVille on MySpace closed without notice. We know this has left many of our loyal players without access to their YoVille accounts, so we are working closely with MySpace to identify the affected players so we can offer them special packages to some of Zynga’s other live games.

As the situation progresses towards a solution we’ll be sure to provide updates."

Sorry! I hope they recover all the accounts that were lost!

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