How Do You Take A Screenshot On A Lg Optimus Elite?

How to take a screenshot with LG Optimus Elite?

To take a screenshot on the LG Optimus you must install the Dalvik Debug Monitor application. Now you can click on the Device menu and select Screen Capture or use the CTRL-S key combo.

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Can I take screenshots?

I have LG Optimus Elite, 2.3.7, I see a screenshot folder in file sd card, and I've hear that I had to hold power button for options and then sele t "screenshot". But there's no option for me. How do I take a screenshot? I found it out. I press both volume buttons simultaneously then press the top left button to take the white clipboard off.

In most OS's, (I use Linux), you hit shift-print screen, and you capture a screenshot to your clipboard, and then you can paste it into an editing app. There are also lots of freeware screenshot apps with more capability. I usually use Gimp because it's also an editor.

How To take screenshot on LG optimus black?

i have LG optimus black with Android 2.3.4. I have recently updated Android version from 2.2.2 to 2.3.4. Before updating i was able to take screenshot by pressing key combination power+home. But after updating the key combination is not working. What is the new combination? i don't want to use any software to take screen shot.

Is it really that hard to download a screenshot app?

How do you take a screenshot on lg optimus g?

I want to take a picture of the screen on an lg Optimus g

press the volume down key & the power key at the same time :)

How do I screen shot on a LG Optimus Q?

How do I screen shot on a LG Optimus Q? The phone is serviced trhough Straight Talk.

root it... then get Screenshot IT

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