How Do You Spell Mrs?

How do you spell Mrs. ?

If Mr. is spell M I S T E R. What about Ms. Miss. or Mrs.?

"Mrs" originated as a contraction of the honorific "Mistress", the feminine of "Mister" or "Master", which was originally applied to both married and unmarried women. The split into "Mrs" for married women and "Miss" for unmarried women began during the 17th Century and was well-established by the time of the introduction of Ms. It has become rare for Mrs to be written out and it lacks a standard phonetic spelling. In literature it may appear as "missus" or "missis" in dialogue, and a variant in the works of Thomas Hardy and others is "Mis'ess", reflecting its etymology.

how do you spell mrs the long way?

i need to know how to spell it!!!!!!!!

Mrs is an abbreviation of Mistress.

EDIT, So tell us Jason, what it means? It used to be common in the old days to be called Mister and Mistress. Can you come up with a better answer? Curious.

How do you spell the word that Mrs. is the abbreviation ?

It isn't misses,old timers have called it Mizrez,so what is the correct spelling for Mrs. ?

Mr.=mister Mrs.=Missess or Mistress Mst=Master.

What does Mrs. stand for? Can you spell it out for me?

I know Mr. is Mister and of course, Ms. can be Miss. but what is Mrs. when it stands for a married women? If you have the answer, could you give me history on it?

Mrs. is the short for Mistress and is pronounced as Missus.

you can read more above it by following the link below

How do you spell the extended word of Mrs?

I used to know this in primary school and now I've forgotten -_- Is it Missers, Misses, Missus... ugh they all seem wrong! How could I forget this? D= Oh, um... also, how do you spell Ms? Is that Mizz or something? Because "Miss" is already "Miss"... so Mz can't be spelled Miss too! Oh I'm so confused!

The title Mrs. is an abbreviation of Mistress, and the titles Miss and Ms. are also derived from it.

Main Entry: Mrs
1a —used as a conventional title of courtesy except when usage requires the substitution of a title of rank or an honorific or professional title before a married woman's surname <spoke to Mrs. Doe>
b —used before the name of a place (as a country or city) or of a profession or activity (as a sport) or before some epithet (as clever) to form a title applied to a married woman viewed or recognized as representative of the thing indicated <Mrs. Golf>

Ms. has been adopted in formal and business contexts as an alternative to Mrs and Miss principally as a means to avoid having to specify a woman's marital status, something that is regarded as irrelevant, intrusive, or potentially discriminatory.

It is a form of etiquette and it is used as a simultaneous abbreviation for Mistress and Miss.

I also forgot about what they were abbreviated for and it started bother me as well, so hope this benefits the both of us.

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