How Do You Set The Clock On A Jvc Kd-s13?

Does anyone know how to set the clock on car stereo?

I just bought a car with a JVC KD-S10 already installed, but it didn't have the owner's manual with it. Anyone know how to set the clock? I can't figure it out! Please help!

Go to the JVC website, you should be able to get the manual in a PDF format. I'm sure setting it is going to be counter intuitive, like most clocks.

How do I set the clock on a JVC KD S-14?

My brother gave me a car with this model of stereo, but he threw away the manual. Any help would be appreciated.

on my JVC there is a button that says "SEL" and you hold it down for about 3 seconds and it takes you into the radio's menu

How do you set the clock on car stereo jvc kd-s14?

To set the clock:
press and hold the SEL button;
release when system is in PSM (personal settings mode);
press ]<< / >>[ till Set the clock is selected, CLOCK H / CLOCK M;
rotate Volume Control to adjust;
press SEL to exit mode.

To get the manual downloaded you press on the guys answer (highlighted area in the answer.)

How do i set clock on jvc car radio?

Model kdg340

On my jvc deck i hold the menu button until the setting menu comes up then turn the knob til it goes to time.

How do I set the time for my car stereo?

How do I set the clock on my JVC KD-G400 Car CD Player for my car?

Here's a link to the owners manual,go to page 9.

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