How Do You Sell Cars On Csr Racing?

Is csr racing for apple iphone coming to android it is like the funnest game ever on a portable devise?

There is typically a 3 to 6 month delay on apps from IOS to Android. But that's only if the developer developes on both platforms, which I believe CSR Racing does. So it should be on Android in the next few months. In the mean time, for another fun game, check out Expansion on the Play Store. Search for "Pratia"

Can you sell your career car in CSR racing for Iphone?

I've bin trying too !! ,But I don't think you can ... Just wait till someother person answers

That CSR is important in our career?

fOR example,as accountant what that can do by csr?

CSR can mean "corporate social responsibility" and many companies now how CSR policies that define their corporate 'conscience' and explain in what ways they 'give back' to the communities in which they operate, or some other social cause. For example, McDonald's funds Ronald McDonald house for sick children.

Perhaps there is another meaning you are seeking.

Where can i find a coil pack for my kawasaki csr?

I have a 1982 Kawasaki csr. and i need to find a coil pack for it. I think it's a 750 not sure though. anyone know any website that sell one? i couldn't find any.

OEM# 21121A

It's the same number for the 750 Spectre

What type of car racing is more entertaining to watch?

Drifting, F1, Drag racing, Banger racing, stock car racing, etc...

I would say either Drifting, Rally Racing (WRC), or higher levels of Touring Car Championships (Ones that involve Porsche, Ferrari, and other supercars). Drifting is interesting because it's totally different from other types of racing. The drivers are trying to get the cars sideways as much as possible. Rallies are interesting because the drivers generally race on narrow roads (or paths) at high speeds among trees, cliffs, etc. It's very exciting. Lastly, the higher levels of touring car chapionships are cool because it's road racing with cars you see/know. For me, drag racing is boring because you are just going in a straight line. No challenge of tricky corners. NASCAR and similar oval racing is unappealing because all they do is make left turns. It gets boring quickly. I hope I could help!

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