How Do You Pronounce Slainte Mhath?

What does Slainte Mhath mean?

Its a name of a song and I think its gaelic but I'm not sure. Does anyone know?

It's Irish. If someone uses the term Gaelic to mean a language, they're probably talking about Scottish Gaelic. They're pretty similar, really. Slainte- health, Mhath- good. So basically, it's good health. Now how to pronounce it- almost like it looks except that Mh in irish is pronounced like a W sound.

How to say "cheers" when making a toast in Gaelic?

Slainte. Irish Gaelic? Pronounced slawn-ch like lawn chair.
Scottish Gaelic= slainte mhath (slaancha va).

How would YOU pronounce this name?

i know how to pronounce it. with out looking it up! try to pronounce the name... Xochitl im thinking of using this name (im of a different nationality) oh by the way its for a girl. in about 10-15 mins i will come back and tell everyone how to pronounce it (it is 9:30 central time)

I would pronounce it So-Cheel. I like it!

How do you pronounce OFTEN?

Do you pronounce the T in often, or is it a silent T for you? Where are you from?

It depends where you're from or just as a matter of preference. Some people I know pronounce it like 'offen' and others I know pronounce it 'off-ten'. Both are correct. I pronounce it 'off-ten'. I'm from Greater London xD

How do you pronounce these names?

All right. Only answer this if you've read vampire academy. How do you personally pronounce these? Dhampir(Personally, I pronounce it Damp Phur) Strigroi(I'm aware of the R, but I pronounce it Steeg-Row) Moroi( I pronounce it More-Oh) Lissa(Do you pronounce it Lissa or Lisa? I pronounce it Lisa.)

click on link below and watch the video called Richelle Mead dishes about Vampire Academy she pronounce the names you listed.

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