How Do You Pin In Wcw Nwo Revenge?

WCW vs. NWO Revenge question?

For N64, does anyone know how to pin? I completely forgot.

Damn that game takes me back. I can't remember for sure too, but I think it was Down on the control pad +A standing next to the side of a downed opponent, or simply L

is there ever a chance of the nwo forming again,or a new version?

I mean if dx with michaels and hhh can come together, why not nwo?

Triple H and HBK reform DX from time to time as the faction is a product of the Attitude Era.The NWO is the brainchild of WCW and featured Kevin Nash who's in TNA, Scott Hall who appears to be semi-retired and Hulk Hogan who now has his celebrity wrestling show.The NWO angle has already been done both in WCW and WWE and the storyliners won't want to repeat something that's been done already.Besides with Nash and Hogan being unavailable, Scott Hall's maverick reputation would be a big gamble for any promotion to hire him.

wcw/nwo revenge n64 help?

are there any controls that aren't basic? like i know that "a" is grapple and "b" is punch. i know how to throw people and get weapons and run and pin and that stuff. But are there controls to reverse attacks made on you? or when you are about to be thrown into the ropes can i do something to throw them instead? or to steal weapons from people? if i grab someone are there different buttons i can push that will do different moves when i'm in a grapple? i need help because my brother is beating the crap out of me in this game and i need to beat him!

This guide should help you:

What was the greatest faction formed, whether it's TNA,ECW,WCW,or WWE?

n.W.o.? DX? Wolfpac? Evolution? Hart Foundation? Who?


They shutdown WCW for two shows and did whateva the f*ck they wanted to do!

Why did WCW go out of business?

The title says it all quick 10 points!

Their rating just went plummeting down. At first it was a huge battle between WWF and WCW. But all and all, WCW was winning. But the thing with them is they stayed the same level. All they used was the whole nWo and the Wolfpack. Other wrestlers on the program would never really get any airtime unless you were on one of the two groups. And you gotta admit, that would get lame after awhile, just seeing the same thing over and over. That's why more people started watching WWF. They had DX sure, but they would also start introducing new and young characters, like The Rock and Stone Cold and Mankind. Something that WCW would not experiment with. They lost alot of fans because of that and that's why they went out of business

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