How Do You Mp3 Convert On Youtube?

how do you convert youtube videos into mp3's ?

There are many sites which let you convert YouTube videos to MP3 online, for free. However, some of them may have virus. So, be very careful when you are using online sites to convert YouTube to MP3.

Here's an article on how to convert YouTube videos to MP3 in different ways, including free online sites and free YouTube converter. Very useful. You may check it out:

Best of luck.

youtube convert to mp3 and get 10 points?

I was looking for a website that I could just put in the URL to the youtube video and convert it to mp3 format. No downloads please. And something you're sure of that doesn't have viruses as well, i beg you. thanks in advance :3

This Aneesoft YouTube Converter just need copy the YouTube URL to it.The YouTube videos will be downloaded and convert easily with great speed.

Convert YouTube videos to any common video format, such as AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV, VOB, ASF and more.
Convert YouTube videos to MP3, WMV, WAV, M4A, AAC, OGG, AIFF.

converting from youtube to mp3!?

hey guys i just wonder why youtube doesn't show URL CODE anymore! i use to copy URL CODE and past it to convert to mp3 but they dont show that code anymore!! if someone know please let me know how to convert from youtube to mp3! thanks guys...

Why don't u make it easier and use a more efficient Youtube Downloader instead of all that copy pasting?

I for one actually prefer to use Audials Tunebite Youtube Downloader to download youtube videos and music to my hard disk. Makes it all a lot easier plus it can also be used as a Youtube to Mp3 Ripper to convert youtube flv to mp3:

how to convert mp3 to youtube using imovie?

i want to convert a song to a youtube video with just a picture in the background, using imovie ?

Nidesoft MP3 Converter is a professional tool for MP3 conversion, which could convert video files to MP3 music and many other audio formats. It could also convert MP3 to other music such as MP3 to WAV, MP3 to AAC, OGG, RA, etc.. So you could put the video and audio files to iPod, PSP, Zune,MP4 players, etc.. Actually, this MP3 Converter works as Total Video to Music Converter and Audio Converter.

Nidesoft MP3 Converter could also work as common MP3 Encoder, which helps to Encode WAV to MP3 format with high speed and adjustable quality. On the other hand it could Decode MP3 or other music files to WAV format so you could burn it on CD disc.

Why is it that im unable to convert youtube videos to mp3?

As you know, to convert youtube videos to mp3 you'll have to give them the url, but everytime i gave them they would say connection fail or i'll be unable to download even after it has finished converted. I wonder what's going on. Does anybody out there face a similar problem and how do i solve it?Thanks!

Which software did you use??
There is a lot of ways of making youtube videos into mp3, so we need to know the software, to know how to start or help!!

But you can use real player to download and convert the videos into mp3 using win ff,
Google: realplayer
Google: winff

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