How Do You Make Jwh-018?

where to buy jwh-018?

need to buy some JWH-018 what is a good cheap website for it that is trust worthy

Can you explain what JWH-018 is and we can attempt to answer your question?

Whats jwh-018 and whats it for?

do you know where to get it

jwh-018 is a synthetic chemical, synthetic cannabinoid really, made to imitate the effects of THC (the active cannabinoid in marijuana). it is essentially to get high. you must be 18 or older to purchase it, and you're likely to only find it online, there aren't exactly jwh-018 synthesizing plants in every city, however a company spice has added jwh-018 plus some other synthetic cannabinoids, along with several other useless herbs that they actually show you on the ingredients, however spice can be found most of the time at your local head shop, if they don't have it, then they are likely to have an alternative to spice, there are other companies that use jwh-018 to create products to give the user legal highs

oh yes, and if you do order some jwh-018, you will also need other tools such as a scale that can weigh out to .005g i believe is the correct measurement, you will need adequate smoking equipment for something nearly powdered, and use caution because jwh-018 is an RC (research chemical) meaning that the long term effects are still unknown and the effects of heavy usage haven't been adequately researched

Best place to buy JWH-018?

I'm looking to buy 1 gram of JWH-018 for < 30.00. I've seen it sold for twenty per gram some places, but they don't accept prepaid Visa gift cards, which is my method of payment. Can anyone help me out? Thanks. ;p

The bad thing is people that sell JWH-018 for that cheap are usually fake scam websites. And if they dont except those prepaid cards then they are usually fake .There are a few websites out there that sell 1 gram for $40 or so.

This is a reliable source where I purchased my JWH-018. They also sell other JHW items like JWH-073 and RCS-4

What is a good Substrate or Plant to use with Jwh 018 to make spice?

I want something that will burn smooth, Not too fast and has kind of a mellow feeling to it. I don't know what they all use in spice but I am looking for one or two substrates to carry the jwh 018

Damiana is a great start to any base blend to add JWH-018 to. I also like to add Mullein, some blue lotus flowers, ground Kanna root, and Wild Dagga flowers.

Start with Damiana and Mullein and then start fooling around with what will burn evenly, efficiently, and taste reasonable.

What are the repercussions for sending jwh 018 to a state it is illegal in?

Could someone possibly get in legal trouble for sending jwh 018 to a state that is it illegal in, from a state that it is not yet illegal in?If you could cite some resources also on the subject, I would be grateful.

If you ship to any of these states and are caught you can be prosecuted for trafficking.

Control Status:

JWH-018 is not currently controlled under the CSA. However, some of the synthetic cannabinoids and herbal products have been controlled in numerous states including Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Oregon and Tennessee.

United States JWH-018 is currently not federally controlled in the U.S., but the Drug Enforcement Administration labeled it a “drug and chemical of concern” in 2009.

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