How Do You Lure Chickens In Minecraft?

Minecraft Ranching Difficulties?

I'm trying to corral animals in minecraft, but every time i whip out my wheat to try and lure an animal into the pen, I get brutally gang-raped by all the other previously incarcerated cows/pigs/sheep... Basically they charge me and i can't do anything else, let alone lure the new animal. Ideas? Pro tips? Yeah I forgot about details-- "ranch" is being used loosely here, its really more of a glorified pen... not very big, nothing special

Well, it would definitely help if I knew what your ranch looked like first, but without the knowledge...
What you want to do, is create some dirt stairs or something that lean OVER the ledge or fence that you're using to keep all the animals contained. Something they will walk up, reach the edge of a cliff, and fall right in. To help, you should probably make another platform floating across from the cliff to jump onto, so you can lure them straight off into the hole.

That, or snowballs. Heaps of snowballs.

Good luck, pal.

In minecraft how can i lure a cow into a pen?

I am looking to breed cows in minecraft. There are a bunch of them across a small lake but i dont know how to lure them into a pen at my house. Please help.

One easy is to make a fishing rod out of sticks and string and just run up to the cow, left click. Make sure you hit the cow and then go back to the pen and press left click again. The cow will fly towards you. If the cow doesn't land in the pen right away, just keep trying...Good Luck :D

How to make a Farm in Minecraft?

Ive made the base of everything, but I need to know how to get farm animals like ducks and pigs and sheep. How do I get them into my farm?

There are no ducks, they are actually chickens. Lure them with wheat in your hand. Or hatch one by throwing an egg.

In creative mode you can spawn animals with a mob egg or hatch one a chicken as usual.

How to find lava and mobs in Minecraft pe demo?

Today, (Tuesday, January 8th, 2013) my friend told me she was just playing around on minecraft, killing zombies when something started throwing arrows at her. When she looked over, it was a skeleton. I didn't believe that,because all the mobs i know that are on minecraft pocket edition demo are pigs,sheep and zombies. Until i decided to see if it was true and read on Minecraft Forums "So far the mobs available are sheep,chickens,pigs,cows,creepers,skeletons,zombie pigmen and spiders. There is also LAVA underground, because my friend showed me it in minecraft pe DEMO. I would love to know how can you find lava,skeletons,zombie pigmen,creepers,chickens and cows. Thank you! Yes, I'm sure it was the demo.She doesn't even have the demo and probably won't get it. I asked her like 5 times, Are you SURE it was a skeleton? She said yes she's sure. What else shots arrows at you on minecraft?

Are you sure it was the demo AKA Lite, I'm positive she was using the full version

Why are there so many pigs in my minecraft world and how do i get rid of them?

i spawned in one of my minecraft worlds and i noticed my game was super lagy i tturned around and saw a whole bunch of pigs this isnt the first time this happened a week ago a whole bunch of cows spawned in one place. How do i get rid of the pigs??? i dont want to delete this world because ive been working on an adventure time house for a while.

There are a limited amount of animals per chunk, so don't just slaughter them all. Lure two of each animal into a fenced-off area (Carrots for pigs, wheat for cows, and seeds for chickens), and kill the rest. When you want to grind resources, breed the animals. If you are concerned about lag, I would suggest killing off one of the parents as soon as a baby animal spawns.

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