How Do You Italicize On The Keyboard?

When to underline or italicize text in a typed document?

I'm writing an essay and using outside works for examples. The two works are the Hebrew Bible and The Epic of Gilgamesh. Am I supposed to underline or italicize either of these when mentioning them in my paper?

You would probably italicize those examples.

When should I italicize?

Should I italicize the World War I, the Third Servile War or the Battle of Waterloo? Should I also italicize Numerology, Astronomy, or Mathematics? What about Facebook and YouTube? Should I put Bonjour and Buongiorno in italics?

Italicize words of a foreign language in the text of one particular language. For instance, if you're writig a passage in English and a character greets another in French;

He removed his hat instantly and murmured, 'Bonjour.'

So here, 'Bonjour' will be in italics because it is a French word in an English text. If the character says the same thing English, that is 'Good morning,' then you need not italicize it.

Names of stories, books, movies, TV series and songs can also be italicised, even if they are of the same language. For instance;

She said she had read 'Gone with the Wind' a dozen times because she loved the book.

In th top text, Gone with the Wind will be italicized since its the name of a particular book.

Hope that answers your question.

What is the best way to italicize something in html?

I have heard many older html tags are being deprecated. So what is the best way to italicize something? CSS is now the thing to use but it seems cumbersome to italize just one word inside a sentence. Please show the code to italicize this sentence. I like super chocolate chip cookies. (super is the word to italicize). would it be this? - <p>I like <i> super</i> chocolate chip cookies.</p> or is there a better way to do this?

There is a lot of hype about doing everything from style sheets, but it is totally pointless setting up a style in css, then declaring that style for one word, or even just one sentence in a whole web site. I prefer to create styles for anything used repeatedly in the site, as it allows changing every instance with one edit. This is useful even if it is only one or two words each time. Otherwise I always use in line <i>italic</> or similar.

How do I italicize text on deviantART?

I've published a story of mine on deviant but I'm not quite sure how to italicize certain parts of it. Help?

Depending on the upload format, either use the italics tool in the word processing program (if the file is such), or <i></i> tags if it's in HTML format.

How do I italicize or underline on my Blackberry?

I hate not doing things properly when texting, emailing, posting on FB, etc. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to underline movie or book titles. Italicize either. Anyone know how?

you posted this in the wrong section, but you most likely won't be able to. I've had an iphone and now i have an android and neither one could do that.

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