How Do You Get Wd40 Out Of Clothes?

How can you get the smell of WD40 out of clothes?

We got crayons all over our clothes from the wash and it was suggested to use WD40 to get the stains out. The stains are now out (not because of the WD40) but now we can't get the smell out. We've tried Oxy clean and all kinds of detergents with no luck. Any ideas?

We are in the petroleum business, so we have gas/diesel smells in our laundry. I have found that If I add a scoop of baking soda to the rinse cycle this helps..

How do you get chapstick stains out of clothes?

I washed all of my new clothes along with a pair of old jeans that had some chapstick in them. They went to the dryer after the wash and now all of my new clothes are ruined. I'm so pissed... does anybody know how to get it out?

Spray some WD40 on the stains and rub ,let them sit for half hour and then wash your clothes again!

I recently spilled engine oil on my clothes. What is the best way to remove it?

The clothing with the spills is mostly cotton, and washable. Everything has been washed numerous times in the past. Thankyou!

spray some WD40 on the stains , and let your clothes soak overnight before washing.

How do you remove WD40 stains from hardwood floor?

I cleaned my hardwood floor from some stickers and the WD40 seems to have stained a little bit. Will this dry up or is here anything I can use to clean it off again?

I don't think the WD40 will have stained your wood permanently and should disappear in time.
I might suggest spraying some more WD40 on the area again and clear as much up with paper towels and then go over the area with some warm water detergent solution and dry it as much as possible with some paper towels to help speed up the process.
Even if you are left with some minor stain or discoloration of some kind, it won't be noticeable in a few years time as there will be further marks and damage by normal wear and tear which add character to the floor over time anyway, however I would do my best effort to delay the inevitable for as long as I could IF I had something as nice as what you seem to have.

Another option could be to buy a gallon of WD40 and wipe the entire floor with it to give a uniform color and appearance.

Good luck!

Can I use WD40 to remove a sticker from a glass car window?

Need to get a warning sticker off driver's seat window. Is WD40 okay to use on car windows? Is there anything that works better? Any additional suggestions are welcomed.

I have never tried WD40 for that. But I heard it does work wonders. I have always used Goo Gone products to remove just about anything. I love the products. I highly recommend them. You can buy them anywhere. They will not harm glass surfaces either. Here's a web link that will explain and show pictures of their products.

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