How do you find the diameter of a ball

Diameter of tennis ball and golf ball?

Can someone tell me what the diameter of a Tennis ball and a golf ball. I would get it myself, but quite frankly, i do not have a tennis ball or golf ball at hand.

Tennis balls should have diameter between two and a half inches (6.35cm.) and two and five-eighths inches (6.67cm.)

For golf balls, minimum diameter is 42.67mm

What is the diameter of a condor s golf ball?

The diameter of the Condor S Golf ball is 1.620-inches.

In add:

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Size of the ball:
The "Rules of Golf" says that a golf ball's diameter must be a minimum
of 1.680 inches / 42.67 mm. A smaller ball would fly much further than
a larger ball. The reason for this is simple: with a smaller diameter the ball
has less air resistance, or in other words, it displaces less air as it flies.
Because of this, most manufacturers produce golf balls with the minimal
diameter (1.680 inches / 42.67 mm). The rules also state that the ball must
be round, but I guess you knew that...


The United States Golf Association specifies that a golf ball must weigh
no more than 1.620 ounces, be spherical in shape and be no less than
1.68-inches in diameter. This is called "The American Ball".

The "British Ball" is a teensy bit smaller, at 1.62-inches. That may seem
like too tiny a difference to mean anything tangible. But that 3.7% difference
in diameter translates into 7.5% less wind that the ball must cut through
during flight.

You know those mail-order balls with the secret name, guaranteed to add
20 yards to your drive?

Those are British Balls, which are illegal for use in play sanctioned by
The USGA and now even in tournaments of The Royal and Ancient Club.

how big a cube can fit inside a 1 meter diameter ball?

This came up in geometry as a "prepare for next semester" pop quiz. Anyone know how to do this? And maybe vice versa in case it comes up? How big of a cube can fit in a spherical container 1 meter in diameter? And how big of a ball can fit in a 1 meter cube?

The diameter of the ball should serve as the space diagonal of the cube

1^2 = s^2 + s^2 + s^2
1 = 3s^2
1 = sqrt(3) * s
s = 1 / sqrt(3)
s = sqrt(3) / 3

The cube will have sides of sqrt(3)/3 meters

Part 2 of your question is easier. The ball that can fit into a cube will have a diameter equal to the side length of the cube. For a cube with sides of 1 meter, the ball will also have a diameter of 1 meter

How do you find the circumference of a circle using the diameter?

i need help! find the circumference of ech of these circles. diameter=11cm diameter=21.2cm radius4.2 radius=7cm

Given the diameter,
Circumference = pi * diameter

Given the radius,
Circumference = pi * 2(radius)

pi (π) = ~3.14

1) diameter = 11 cm
circumference = 3.14 * 11 = 34.54 cm

2) diameter = 21.2 cm
circumference = 3.14 * 21.2 = 66.568 cm

3) radius = 4.2 cm
circumference = 3.14 * 2(4.2) = 26.376 cm

4) radius = 7 cm
circumference = 3.14 * 2(7) = 43.96 cm

How do you find the diameter of a square?

I just got an assignment that says: The area of a square is 128in. If one diameter of the square is 16in, what is the other diameter? But I thought only circles have diameter, so what the fuck do I do? Pythagorean theorem?

If Pythagoras were alive, he'd slap the hell outta you and your math teacher!

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