How Do You Convert Sf To Lf?

How to convert mixed units of measurement?

How can I convert km/hr into m/s?

First, you gotta x1000 to convert km/hr to m/hr (as there are 1000m in a km)

Then divide 3600 to convert m/hr to m/s (as there are 3600s in an hr)

What two simple calculations must be performed before the specific heat can be calculated?

If a 15.7 g sample of a material is heated from 150K to 210K, 30kJ of energy is absorbed? calculate a delta T and convert kJ to J convert T to C and convert kJ to J convert grams to kg and kJ to J convert temp to C and find a delta t.

delta C = delta Kelvin thus answers 2 and 4 are out

answer: calculate a delta T and convert kJ to J

How can i tell this girl that i want to convert to judaism without offending her?

this is complicated. shes getting in an argument with me on facebook about this. what should i do. should i leave the conversation?

You want to convert or you want to convert her?

She shouldnt be offended if you convert, but would be if you converted her.

If she's that thick headed, delete her from FB altogether

Question about converting a traditional IRA into a Roth?

I had a 401(k) with my former employer. When I left that job I rolled the money into a traditional IRA. Can I convert this into a Roth IRA? I already have a Roth IRA now. Does this matter? Is there a dollar limitation on how much I can convert or can I convert the entire amount in one year (right now my traditional IRA is at about $40K). Thanks.

Yes, you can convert it to a Roth. However, once you do so, you cannot roll the money back to a 401K.

Having a Roth already only matters in that you can save on fees if you put this money into that Roth, instead of having two separate Roths.

If you are eligible to convert, then there is no limit on how much you can convert. However, if your other income is too much, then you may not be able to convert anything.

How do I subtract (3F)16 from (11101011)^2 Convert the difference to a hexadecimal number?

I have a Operating System class, and we're doing Binary numbers. I wish someone would shoot me..

Sorry - none of my guns have that range.

Convert so that both numbers are the same base, subtract then convert to the target base if necessary.

The most work but maybe easiest for you is to convert both to base10, but I would convert the base2 to base16 which is the shortest process for this example, provided you can do base16 arithmetic.

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