How Do You Convert Kg Into Grams?

How do you convert grams to milliliters?

I am multiplying grams and milliliters together. I need to convert one of them to get an answer in either grams or milliliters. I think I can just multiply them together and just put "grams per milliliters" as the unit but I am not sure. The problem is, 35.76 grams divided by (25.26 milliliters minus 13.13 milliliters)

Google "convert grams to milliliters" or "convert milliliters to grams" and there will be calculators that convert whet ever number of either you put in to the other.

How do you convert moles to grams? ?

Sample problem: How many grams are in 1.73 mol of N(2)0(5)? How do you convert from moles to grams? And also the other way around. Grams to moles? Calculate the number of moles in 0.50 g of NaBr Help!

Moles to grams = Multiply by the formula weight, which is the same thing as the molar mass)

1.73 mole N2O5 x 108.014 g (molar mass) = 186.86422, or about 187 grams

Grams to Moles = divide by molar mass.

.50 g NaBr / 102.9 g = .0049 moles

How do I convert litres to grams?

I'm stuck on my hw which is due tomorow. It's chemistry and it's giving me differents substances like CO2 and oxygen and hydrogen. I just need the formula to convert litres into grams. Thank you for your help.

liters X density(g/liter) = grams

how do you convert grams to mL?

NaOH = .004 grams i need to get to mL..............can yuh help me wit diss?? pleezz gimme the way to convert this!! thank yuh!!

Density or grams per mL or whatever units you wish to use.

I looked for the density and found a yahoo answer question.

"The density of solid sodium hydroxide is 2.130 g per cubic centimetre."

So 2.130 grams / 1 mL.

.004 grams NaOH * 1 ml / 2.130 grams = amount of mL of NaOH

How do you convert grams into teaspoons?

I need to measure 1.8 grams, 7.2 grams, and 12.6 grams of kool-aid into 3 cups. Is there any way to convert them to teaspoons or some other form of measurement since I don't have a balance or a scale to weigh them. This is for a Chemistry lab and I need a quick but accurate answer please.

The question "How do you convert grams into teaspoons" is like converting tons to bucketfuls. One is a unit of weight the other is a unit of volume.

The only way to do it is to take whatever you are working with (In this case Koolaid) and weigh a teaspoon of it accurately because a teaspoon of sugar weighs less than a teaspoon of sand which weighs less than a teaspoon of lead etc...

Hope this made sense. Regardless in order to do this experiment you need to accurately weigh a useful unit of Koolaid.

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