How do you change your wifi password on comcast

Detailed issue. Problem changing Comcast IP?

I need to change my Comcast IP but when people tell me to unplug the modem, it's no use. My home phone service is now on Comcast so it's on battery back-up when unplugged. I have a few laptops so there is a router too. I would want my IP changed every few days if possible, can I call and ask for a new IP? Also can someone explain the difference in Static, Dynamic, etc. IPs and what Comcast gives by default? Nothing illegal. Not banned from anything. Need to change it for a game. Will try some of these answers.

In your browser, type: ""

A dialog box will appear. for "admin" type "admin".
For password, type your WiFi password...
this should bring up a "command center"... you can change your IP here...

Also, if you need to change your IP because a certain server banned you, use a proxy!
Just type: "" into your browser and type in the site when it comes up...

Linksys not asking for password?

I tried encrypting my wifi this afternoon and had no trouble resetting the password or anything. But when I go to connect, Linksys doesn't ask for a password to connect at all. Is there any sort of other form of encryption I need to do? My problem isn't setting a password for my linksys router. I've already done that. My problem is I have set the password, but everyone is still able to get online without putting the password in. I want to know why that is.

Type in in the URL.

Default Usernames:

Linksys BEFW11S4, WRT54G: admin
Linksys EtherFast Cable/DSL Ethernet routers: Administrator
Linksys Comcast routers: comcast
All other Linksys routers: [none]

Default passwords:

Linksys BEFW11S4: [none]
Linksys Comcast routers: 1234
All other Linksys routers: admin.

change the password once you have logged into your router.

How to change Wifi Password?

I have problems with my wifi, I have a windows 7 laptop, a Prolink(Digitel) modem, and a CD-R King Wifi Router. I need to change my password but I cant, the password didnt not come with the modem or wifi router. I need this fixed right away. Also I dont know password in the Prolink ADSL Router website.

There is a button on the back, usually. Hold it down until all the light flash, signaling it has restarted. You may need to use a paperclip for this if the hole is really small.

That will reset the password to default. Once that is done, go online and look up the default username/password for your router make/model.

Login and then go to the Wireless tab and change the passphrase, SSID, encryption type, etc.

How do I change my wifi name and password?? HELP!?

I have Comcast (Xfinity) and I need to change my wifi name and password because my neighbors are getting on some how.. PLEASE HELP ME! Nothing is working that I try..

If you are using Comcast's Xfinity gateway, you can find the instructions here:

Otherwise if you have your own router, Download the router manual if you don't have one. You'll have to do a Internet search for your specific model and include the terms "manual" or "setup" in your search.

Wireless connections require security configuration to prevent anyone with a WiFi in range of your router from connecting to your network. They could do malicious deeds, such as hack into your network, or just leech off of your Internet bandwidth.

Wireless setup is not too difficult, Just follow the instructions in the router manual or wizard set up program. If you're having problems either pay someone to set it up for you or find a knowledgeable friend to configure it. Once the wireless network settings are configured it's a fairly trouble-free system.

Good Luck...

How do you change the WIFI password on a Motorola SURFboard eXtreme Wireless Cable Modem Gateway?

I just got comcast internet and was wondering how i could change the default password of this modem.

go to the configuration page. If you do not know then type on your browser. if not check back of your router. then when you go inside the configuration page go to the advanced setting then change admin username and password. Let us know how you getting on. Good luck

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