How Do You Calculate Bsa?

How to calculate the concentration of a protein?

If the starting stock solution of BSA is .500mg/mL, and you mix 80mL of BSA with 1920mL of water then what is the concentration of BSA in mg/ml? Thanks!

Dilution problems are readily solved using

C1V1 = C2V2

C1 = original BSA concentration = 0.500 mg/mL
V1 = original BSA volume = 80 mL
C2 = new BSA concentration = ?
V2 = new BSA volume = 80 mL + 1920 mL = 2000 mL

(0.500 mg/mL)(80 mL) = (C2)(2000 mL)
C2 = 0.0200 mg/mL

When did Daniel Carter Beard start the BSA?

BSA = Boy Scouts of America This is for my project

Daniel Beard was a part of the early period of the BSA, but did not found it. The BSA was founded in 1910 by William Boyce. James West and Earnest Thomas Seton were key early leaders, and Beard merged his Sons of Daniel Boone to the BSA later.

Uncle Dan was an important figure, but was not much more than a figurehead in the new program. He contributed a fairly small amount to the books, traditions, structure, etc. Seton was a much more influential person.

How do you calculate these concentrations in mg/ml?

I have BSA 10mg/ml and the total volume in each tube is 7ml (including 4ml buiret reagent) Tube BSA (ml) Water (ml) 1------0--------------3 2------0.5----------2.5 3------1--------------2 4------1.5----------1.5 5-------2-------------1 6------2.5-----------0.5 7------3-------------0

The way I look at it is this:
Tube 1 is easy; there's no BSA in it.
Tube 2; you've effectively diluted the 10mg/ml solution 14 times (0.5 in 7.0) so the concentration will be one fourteenth of what it was. 10/14 = 0.714 mg/ml

Tube 3 has been diluted to one seventh (it'll be double the concnetration of tube 2)
Tube 4 to three fourteenths. Put it another way, it's 3x the concentration of tube 2
Tube 5 is double the concentration of tube 3
Tube 6 is 5 times the concentration of tube 2
and tube 7 is three times the concentration of tube 3.

What is the purpose of preparing BSA in SDS/EDTA in quantification of cellular protein experiment?

I did a lab experiment in which we had to determine the concentration of an unknown protein. Bovine Serum albumin was the reference protein. In order to obtain the standard graph, it was first prepared in SDS/EDTA.....What does the SDS/EDTA do to BSA?

SDS is a detergent and EDTA is a chelator. Both are usually used when you want to isolate proteins from cells.

When you are assaying for total protein, you need to put your standard (BSA) in the same diluent that you use for your samples in order for them to be comparable. SDS and EDTA really have no impact upon BSA. If you were looking for proteins in water, you would use water as your BSA dilutent. If you were looking for protein in phosphate buffered saline, that would be your BSA diluent.

What is a simple calculation for body surface area that doesn't require your weight?

What is a formula that would calculate your body surface area the simplest way without your weight and using variables while assuming your body is in shapes? Eg. Neck is a cylinder. Torso is approximately a rectangle.

An idea is to use the classic Mosteller formula and make a supposition on the relation between weight and height.

The Mosteller formula is
BSA (m²) = sqrt ( [Height(cm) x Weight(kg) ]/ 3600 ).

Suppose W(kg) =constant x Height(cm)^3
Using H = 170 cm and W = 68 kg (but you may use other combinations) the constant evaluates to 1.384 x 10^-5.

This leads to the very simple formula:
BSA (m2) = 0.62 (Height [m])^2.
Example H=1.7 m, BSA = 1.79 m2

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