How Do You Ask For A Happy Ending?

Does Twilight Saga Have A very Good Ending For Every Character?

Does twilight sagas end very good for bella edward jacob and the rest i wonder if it ends in tradgide or happy ending i really wanna know...

i loved the ending! yes it had a happy ending for everybody, all the cullens and bella, even jacob got a happy ending. you should read the books they are great!

avril lavigne - my happy ending chords sequences and strumming patterns ?

PLEASE HELP . I searched everywhere

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"My Happy Ending by Avril Lavigne":

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Cheers ebs

Does Hamlet have a happy ending?

In your opinion, does Hamlet have a happy ending? Why or why not? (please give examples to back up your opinion. thankyou) ...i have read it just askin for other peoples opinions dnt need to get all worked up there.. and ya its a tragedy but you could still consider it a happy ending because all the "poison hearted" people died and Denmark got a fresh new start under the rule of Frosencrants. What I'm askin is can someone give me a different reason for it to be a happy ending...

Hamlet is one of Shakespeare's tragedies. Use that info however you want.

Fortinbras has not shown himself to be a kind leader, so I doubt the people of Denmark will have a happy time of it (remember when he and Hamlet met in Poland?)

Fortinbras has had tragedy because of the death of his father. Denmark will suffer for it.

Horatio gets the best of the deal, and that's still crap. He lost his best friend and his country is about to go into political upheaval.

Most everyone else is dead.

Clannd Happy end?????

Hello, So i like Romance anime's and my freind's say i should watch Clannd and Clannd After Story. But i don't like Animes which has NOT an happy end (Like: The Main character die's or die Main char. goes away etc.) So i ask if the anime has an Happy End (They are happy together, noone dies or leavs another) Thank's

In the very end, meaning the very last episode, yes there is a happy ending. Some say it felt abrupt and came out of the blue, and I admit it did for me as well, but after looking into some ending interpretations and actually rewatching it myself more recently it really all comes together and clicks and you see why everything happened the way it did. After knowing this, seeing the happy ending, which is the real ending, gives you a warm feeling and you'll feel extremely happy for the characters that you've really connected with over the course of two seasons. Like the anime, the ending is beautiful. If you heard that this anime can be a tear jerker and has a lot of sad scenes, then you heard right, it does. But it pulls at the heart strings in many ways, both good and bad. You'll find yourself cracking up and crying right along with the characters, and believe me very few shows have ever had that kind of impact on me. If you make it through the sad parts, which you should want to since by that time you're well invested in the story, you'll see a long awaited light at the end of the tunnel and it's overall heartwarming and well earned. This anime easily makes it into one of my favorites, and is in my opinion and many others one of the best and most realistic romance anime out there. So all in all, I highly recommend you at the very least give it a try and see for yourself. You're bound to find something in it that you like, and the blossoming romance is sure to be one of them. And believe me a happy ending will be there in the end :)

Where can a person go to get a happy ending in Austin Texas?

I have had a massage before. Somebody mentioned to me to ask for the Happy Ending. What does this mean?

I would like to know myself.

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